No more staring at a blank page – our AI Text Wizard is by your side!

Keeping your website content up-to-date is both a statutory requirement and also one which helps to gain more visitors and engage prospective parents and pupils. But sometimes you stare at the screen and struggle to get started on a new page for your school website. We understand this struggle only too well. 

AI is something you have no doubt thought about, but where to begin? Which got us thinking.. “Why are we not harnessing the latest technology to help you out?” And so we have – and we reckon we are ahead of the school website pack on this one! 

Our new AI TextWizard is ready to help you out whenever writer’s block strikes. Simply login to our user-friendly CMS and look for the TextWizard button and watch your website pages write themselves. Say goodbye to the days when time seems to stand still. The speed at which the TextWizard creates content is astonishing and we are sure you will be both impressed and relieved to have your very own virtual secretary. All you have to do is give a prompt and then edit as you wish to make it your own. So much easier than starting from scratch!

It’s like having a virtual assistant for your website – a writing genie at your beck and call. Need a captivating blurb about your school’s wellbeing dog? TextWizard’s got you covered. Want to jazz up the page on attendance expectations? TextWizard’s on it. Thinking about all the ways to entice potential students into joining your school? TextWizard will whip up something in no time with a simple prompt such as “reasons to join our school.” TextWizard is the CMS sidekick you didn’t know you needed, but now won’t want to live without.

You can use TextWizard for everything from writing up an exciting piece of content about your recent school production of The Wizard of Oz, to writing about the ways in which you are engaging children with sports. You can try out different prompts to see what it comes up with, and adapt accordingly. The more you use it, the better it gets. You still have full control to make edits and add in more specific details for your school, but why do all the work when we can get you most of the way in just a few seconds? 

Using the AI TextWizard also makes it less of a tricky task to keep your website constantly updated with fresh content – which will make your website really inviting to visitors and encourage them to keep coming back to see what is new. If you have not dabbled with AI yet then this gives you the ultimate safe place to start. You have total control over what you publish to your website, with plenty of opportunity to edit and re-generate the content until you are happy with it. What used to take you a couple of hours, perhaps, is now the work of just a minute or two. 

We know that school staff are really low on free time, and we are delighted to bring you a tool which makes your day that bit easier. And the best part? We’re not stopping here. We’re committed to making TextWizard the ultimate time-saving tool for all your content needs. We will continue developing our tools to meet your needs so do let us know your feedback. 

So, what are you waiting for? Click that ‘TextWizard’ button and let the enchantment begin. No more writer’s block, no more content woes – just pure, unadulterated website magic.

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