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School website news tips

15 Great Ideas for School Website News Posts

School website news items are an incredibly versatile and useful feature allowing your school to share, celebrate and publicise all of the fantastic things that go on in your school. There are a million different ways you can use the school news feature of your CMS but here we have compiled a few suggestions for how to keep parents and website visitors up to date and informed.

BETT talks to see

BETT talks we don’t want to miss (but unfortunately are so can you go for us?!)   As the annual education technology trade show, BETT, is imminent we have had a look through the...

children playing

How will your school tackle the Activity Passport?

You may have caught wind of the Department for Education’s announcement of their Activity Passport which Damian Hinds is encouraging schools to get involved with to ensure pupils get doing things which are outdoorsy and/or non-tech based.