Words matter – what does your school website say about your school?

Imagine your school’s website as a virtual front door. Now, picture your website copy (‘copy’ is ‘marketing speak’ and it simply means the words you write on your website!) as the welcoming voice that invites visitors in. What you say matters, and how you say it matters even more.

Engaging, inspiring, and well-crafted website copy has the power to persuade. It’s not just about listing information; it’s about telling a story. Sharing the journey of your school, the accomplishments of your students, and the values you hold dear creates an emotional connection. Our AI TextWizard can even do a lot of the work for you, helping you find the right tone and style to resonate with your audience, ensuring your message is heard loud and clear.

Have you ever stumbled upon a website that looked like it hadn’t been touched since the early 2000s? It’s not the best first impression, right? Your website is a living, breathing entity that should evolve with your school’s growth and achievements.

Regularly updating your website copy is like giving it a fresh coat of paint. It shows that your school is active, thriving, and invested in keeping everyone in the loop. Share the latest news, highlight outstanding student achievements, and let your website reflect the vibrant spirit of your educational community.

Effective communication is the backbone of any successful relationship, and the same goes for schools and their stakeholders. Your website copy is a direct line of communication with parents, students, and the broader community. Don’t underestimate its potential to foster understanding and collaboration.

Clearly articulated information on curriculum, extracurricular activities, and important dates, helps parents stay informed and engaged in their child’s education. Use your website copy to bridge any gaps in communication, ensuring everyone feels connected and involved in the school’s journey. Perhaps you want to talk about upcoming exams and how parents can support their children through this time? Or maybe you could add some information about the activities you will be doing in school for World Book Day? Perhaps you want to share something inspiring you saw over the Christmas break which you think could have an impact for your families too? Or would you like to add pages to share art and craft ideas? 

When it comes to adding to your school website there are lots of ways to take it past a basic information hub and turn it into an online thriving community through great website copy, and you can use our Form Builder to create ways for parents and students to communicate back with you via the website too?

Prospective parents and students often start their journey with your school online. What they find on your website can shape their perception and influence their decision-making process. Your website copy is the storyteller that can captivate their interest from the first click.

Craft a narrative that showcases your school’s unique identity, values, and the opportunities it offers. Teachers are wonderful storytellers in class and the website could be the perfect outlet to help them to spread that beyond the school walls too?! Let your website be a reflection of the vibrant and welcoming community families could become a part of. Our AI TextWizard can help you tailor your message to resonate with your target audience, ensuring that your website becomes a compelling invitation rather than just a digital brochure.

Let’s not underestimate the power of words. Let’s weave stories that inspire, inform, and connect. And if you ever find yourself in need of a little magic, our AI TextWizard is here to sprinkle its linguistic enchantment on your website copy (and lighten your workload of course!)

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