Top 5 tips for your school logo and branding


Many school logos have been used for generations. This creates a great sense of heritage. Sometimes those older graphics may not be high quality enough to use with companies making your branded items. Or sometimes they just start to look a bit too old fashioned and you want a fresh start. With schools evolving and changing over time we have many schools who come to us looking for a fresh look at their logos and branding. 

Schools may not use the term ‘marketing’ much, it is actually a useful consideration as schools are invariably looking to attract prospective parents, students and staff. How you ‘market’ your school can give confidence to visitors that they have found a place which matches their ethos and values, and best suits themselves or their child(ren). If you are part of a Multi Academy Trust or federation you may also be looking to create a bigger identity which allows for the individuality of each school alongside the broader aims of the organisation.

Branding can cover all manner of items – from the logo on the school jumper through to designing PowerPoint presentations to use for CPD training to all of your schools and beyond. Your prospectus is another item which has the school logo but also relies on great design elements to tie the logo together to your school or trust colours, as well as the image you wish to portray about your goals and aims. Whether printed or digital we have been making school branding simple for years and want to share our top tips with you.

Greenhouse school websites logo design

You don’t have to spend lots of £££

You may not need an entirely new logo. We offer a service from just £70 to get an old logo tidied up and redrawn as a super sharp vector image for use across all of your branding needs. A simple retouch of an older logo brings it back to life and keeps the history of your school, mixing the old with the new. We can of course design a whole new logo for you from just £350 if you need a totally new beginning, but we think you will agree this is still very good value to help you sharpen your new look!

Branding is not just a logo

Branding is like a visual vision statement and your logo is just the start. Planning in your entire branding theme can help you to make decisions on colour themes, including that which is consistent versus that which is individual across a group of schools. We can help bring your vision to life across your logo, website and branding colours. These decisions are important for helping your community to focus on your core values.

Make the change once

Our branding guidelines documents help you to make your branding change once and cover all future needs. We lay out, in a professional document, the key elements of your branding. This includes the practical elements any future companies you work with will need such as web colour codes which make everything easier. This gives you a colour palette to apply to everything from school blazers to banners celebrating your students’ GCSE results! This means that you do not need to keep going back and forth with designers, all the control of how your branding is used rests with you.

Brand guidelines - Greenhouse school websites

Make it personal

Your logo can help to put your school personality across so do not feel you have to stick to traditional elements. We have worked with all manner of requests to help schools and MATs stand out from the crowd and show what matters to them. A picture paints a thousand words, as they say, and we believe that great branding can tell us a lot about your school and what is important to you. 

Fonts and colours matter

One of our previous posts looks at the impact of different fonts and colours. Each can evoke a different mood, ethos, or impression and we have something to suit everyone.

Get in touch if you are ready for a rebrand, or even just a refresh!

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