Fantastical AI Photography – how very 2024!

You have likely seen, by now, some AI photography being passed around on social media. Sometimes it can look very realistic and be difficult to recognise as AI. Other times you will see people with too many fingers and toes or a weird extra arm, even! There is definitely a big difference between the high quality AI photography work and the more…. err… rustic-looking work. There are also concerns that AI photography which is generated randomly online could be breaching copyright or have bias issues. 

We love sending our school photographer to schools, and we know that they capture wonderful images when on site. But they cannot be everywhere at once and we also think there is an argument for sometimes including AI photography either as an addition to, or instead of, setting up lots of special shots in school. Sometimes you just don’t have the capacity in school to recreate special days but you want those represented on your website. Or you don’t get the ideal weather on the day for all those outdoor shots you wanted. We think we have found a solution with our AI photography packages. 

So how could AI photography be helpful to your school, and how can we ensure it is right?

Well we have decided to move with the times, as we always do, and show schools that AI photography could be the answer to some potential problems. 


AI Photography can save money versus hiring a professional photographer for a full day, as our well-priced packages show. Our photographers are fantastic but we know that not every school has the budget to hire them out for a day or multiple days. 

Making the impossible possible

However talented our photographers may be, there are some images that they cannot capture at a school, no matter how hard they try. But with AI photography we can create all sorts of fantastical set ups for those special images which will make your school website really stand out. 

Tailored images

Using AI photography online will not give you images which have children in your exact school uniform, which will give the impression of using stock images or having used random AI. With our AI package our talented team use a mixture of AI and their amazing editing skills to add your school uniform authentically to the images. 

No safeguarding concerns

Schools can sometimes have concerns about adding their actual students to the website due to GDPR concerns or safeguarding issues. By using our AI photography we can make authentic-looking pictures by combining your school colours and uniform with AI images through our expert editing sessions. No more filing of hundreds of permissions forms and worrying that a child in your hero image will take the consent back. 

The only limit is your imagination!

No more struggling to set up shots that may take up a big chunk of your time – or be impossible to recreate in the school environment on a normal school day. With AI we can take your lead on what to include and the shots you want to capture, then leave you to get on with your job in school while we create the perfect picture to capture the imaginations of your school community. 

Fancy a real photographer instead?

Don’t worry, we also have a wonderful photographer who can come to you and capture all of the shots you want in school with your wonderful students. Or maybe you want a mixture or shots taken onsite with some more special and unique fantastical AI images as well. We can create the perfect package, whatever you prefer.

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