Spreading holiday cheer with your school website

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration, and togetherness, and what better way to share the festive spirit than by updating your school website with engaging and festive content? We understand the importance of creating a welcoming online space that resonates with your school community. In this blog, we’ll explore the various elements your school can incorporate into its website to spread holiday cheer among teachers, leaders, admin staff, and students alike.

1. Add snow!

With our festive seasonal effects you can make it snow all over your website! Add them from your admin dashboard to create a magical experience for every visitor. We have these seasonal effects covering different holidays and seasons too so pick whichever you prefer. You can set it to go back off on a set date too. 

2. Event calendar updates

Ensure your school’s event calendar is up-to-date with all holiday-related activities. From Christmas concerts and winter plays to holiday parties and community events, provide a comprehensive list of dates and details. Include links to event pages with additional information and RSVP options.

3. Holiday newsletter

Craft a special holiday newsletter featuring highlights from the term, heartwarming stories, and messages from school leaders. Use this opportunity to express gratitude and share plans for the upcoming year. Include visually appealing graphics and photos of festive school decorations or student activities.

4. Virtual Carol Sing-Alongs

Embrace the digital age by organising virtual carol sing-alongs. Share pre-recorded or live-streamed performances by students, staff, or even special guests. Create a dedicated page or embed videos directly onto your website for easy access.

5. Holiday-themed resources

Consider creating a section on your website that offers holiday-themed resources for teachers. Include lesson plans, craft ideas, and educational games that tie into the season. Encourage collaboration by allowing teachers to share their own ideas and resources. These could help families who do not have big holiday plans and want to keep young ones busy and entertained with ongoing holiday spirit!

6. Student art galleries

Celebrate the creativity of your students by showcasing holiday-themed artwork in a virtual gallery. Feature drawings, paintings, and crafts that capture the essence of the season. This not only adds a personal touch to your website but also instils a sense of pride among students.

7. Seasonal fundraising campaigns

If your school or teachers are involved in fundraising activities during the holidays, prominently display information about these campaigns on your website. Include details about the cause, progress updates, and ways for the school community to contribute. You could also encourage families to share any things they are doing for charity or add some ideas such as giving to a food bank via their local supermarket or other drop-off point. 

By infusing your school website with festive content, you not only create a warm and inviting virtual environment but also strengthen the sense of community within your school. As experts in school website design, we are committed to helping you create a digital space that reflects the spirit of the season and engages your school community in meaningful ways. Wishing you a joyful and successful holiday season!

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