School websites and policy compliance have joined forces!

When you are adding policies to your school website you are likely duplicating some work in other places. You may be using another platform, or emails, to organise with staff who need to write or edit the policies that need updating. You are then likely getting those policies checked and agreed via more emails or another platform. And then somewhere you will be tracking the lifespan of those policies to make sure you review them at the right times. This can be a lot of admin work and lots of headaches when policies are all renewing at different times. And then, after all of that work, you need to remember to update the policy on the school website and maybe the multi academy trust websites too. You may also be disseminating the policy to multiple schools in your group. Read on for exciting news if this sounds like the process in your school!

We have been speaking to many schools about the workload impact of this. And also discussing what happens when it goes wrong – perhaps the wrong version of a policy is added to the website? Or put it on the wrong page or in the wrong format? Every time you need to go through these processes we know there are so many checks you need to do to ensure you are compliant with your school needs and any inspection requirements to have policies ready for Ofsted or other inspection teams checking your site. 

We wanted to take a lot of strain from this process and make these easier on the workload and more efficient too. 

“We’re really excited about our new Compliance Manager. We spoke with dozens of schools to establish their key needs. With automated reminders, approvals and publishing under one roof, this is a fantastic solution.”

Graham, Greenhouse Director

Our new School Policy Compliance Manager makes light work of one of the less glamorous jobs in schools. You can review, approve and publish documents all through your Greenhouse website. It makes a lot of sense to add this feature for schools who want an easy way to keep on top of both reviewing and publishing their policies. 

Reminders for policy review are automatically sent to the staff named as responsible for each policy, and new versions are sent to the approval team with opportunities for feedback to be given all through the same system. A full audit trail also records every change so that school leaders can have oversight. 

With Compliance Manager you don’t need any third party platforms and you can save on the copying and duplicating of work across multiple systems and platforms. Every member of the writing, reviewing and approval teams can take ownership of the policies relevant to their role.

Our review cycles are aligned to statutory recommendations which gives you one less thing to remember and stay on top of! We do all the reminding for you. There will be no more scrabbling around for paperwork, and no more frantically sifting through old email threads to find review notes or dates for review. Everything is kept in one place and everyone can take ownership of the relevant policies for them. 

Compliance Manager also saves any headaches when staff members move onto new schools or different roles. It is easy for leaders to see what is happening with each policy in one place, and nothing is stored in old email or deleted server accounts. Policies are all stored securely in the backend of your school website. 

If you have one of our trust website packages you can also update the policies easily across all your schools from one central login, if needed. We wanted to make the School Policy Compliance Manager easy to use and also affordable for all schools. This is why you can add Compliance Manager to your school website package at the special introductory rate of just £295pa. Get in touch to find out more, or watch our demo video on our website.

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