Time to tidy your school website for summer?

We all love a big clean up don’t we? Well we don’t really enjoy the cleaning part but we like the way it looks when it is all finished, and the feeling of hard work paying off! The same is true of giving your school website a good tidy up before the summer holidays. I know, I know, yet another job to add to the list of things this term – along with writing reports, performance times, transition days, sports day and…well the list goes on. And on.

However, tidying your website doesn’t take nearly as long as any of those things so a quick win to make you feel all accomplished as you get the deckchairs out on the patio!

Here is a list of things to check before the summer holidays:


News items

Are your news items up to date? Are there any last minute notices parents need before term ends? Or any information they may need just before you start back next term? Ensure you add these to news items so they are easy to find. Use the Greenhouse Popup Window feature for anything important.

Calendar dates

Have you added term dates for the start of next term so that parents (both new and current) can double check when they need to whilst away on a beach somewhere? Also add any sports days, performances dates, and end of term assemblies which parents can attend – just in case anyone lost the letter!

Photo Galleries

Before the photos from the end of term events, performances, sports days etc. get forgotten and languish away on a memory stick somewhere never to be seen again…upload them into new photo galleries on your school website. That way parents and pupils can reminisce. This is especially good for your leavers from this year as they often spend the summer looking back with fondness before they embark on their next phase!

Staff Lists

If you have any staff turnover this summer, or even have just moved teachers and support staff around to different year groups, a last minute job before summer holidays ensures that the information is all correct when you return in September. Also consider whether any changes apply to the list of governors too and ask them to update you with their latest biographies so that everyone knows who is who.


Are timetables up to date? This is especially useful for sixth form and further education colleges as students will need to know when, and where, their first lesson of the term is. Ensure you include room numbers where possible too, if you have a split site, so that no-one starts the year on the wrong campus!

Contact Details

Although it doesn’t happen every year, it is worth checking that email addresses and phone numbers for the school are still correct. It is easy to overlook the website when making people aware of changes. If that is in your website banner do let us know so we can change it for you.

Curriculum and Assessment Information

Again you may not have made any changes to this for the year but if you have, make sure to update the information on the school website. This could prove vital if parents are buying study guides to help with specific exam boards, especially.

School Policies

Have you checked that the policies on your school website are the latest versions? Ensure these are up to date. This is useful for new staff, new parents, and anyone who is doing some reading up over the summer before you start the new year.

Summer Homework

If you have any summer homework to be completed, consider adding this to a page on the website too. No excuse that it was lost/eaten by the dog/passwords to the learning platform were forgotten. If you do not have specific homework consider adding useful links to educational website, YouTube channels, and resources you have made in school, which may be useful for anyone wanting to do extra prep for the next academic year.

Summer School information/Summer retake class details

If you are offering any holiday classes on site, even if they are led by an external agency, bear in mind that parents may come to the website for any information they have forgotten. Add this as a news item, or calendar item, if you do not wish to add new website pages for it.

Need a website redesign or new prospectus?

If a new school website, or new prospectus, is on your to-do list then get in touch before you finish for the holidays so that we can get working on that for you ASAP. As well as bespoke options, we have a range of templates available for either, which is a cost effective option and saves your energy if you’re running out of time!


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