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Redesign an Existing Greehouse Website

School Website Wireframe

Hopefully you're happy with the Greenhouse CMS and the support we provide! But what about how your website looks? It's a fact that fashion and tastes change over time and this is particularly true of all things digital.

The good news is that we can provide what looks to be a completely new website, but without the hassle of you having to change all your content or learn how to use a new CMS. Even better, the cost is much lower than having a new website. Please see below for prices.


  • Pencil and ruler

    Quick & Simple

    Tell us your preferences and leave the rest to us.
  • Ticked checkbox

    Keep Your Content

    All content automatically adopts the new look – no re-population.
  • Bookmark


    Your Google index, and parents bookmarks remain in place.
  • Cog

    New Features

    With a redesign we'll be able to deploy great new time-saving features.


We can deploy a completely new look and feel on top of your existing content for a fixed, one-off cost.

Primary, nursery & Special £1,195

One-off Setup Fee

Save £300!

Secondary & Trusts £1,995

One-off Setup Fee

Save £800!

*Our special re-design prices apply to an existing bespoke website - please ask us for our upgrade pricing if you have a pre-designed website.

Optional Extras One-Off Cost
Slide-out Social Media WallInfo icon £195
PhotographyInfo icon £550
Logo DesignInfo icon £350
Smartphone Friendly
Smartphone friendly site

Cost: £295

We can create a special layout for your website which is specially optimised for those visitors using smaller screens. It allows text to be displayed much larger and eliminates the need for pinch and zoom.

There are more details and examples on our smartphone page.

Social Media Wall
Social media wall

Cost: £195

This is a great way to combine your social media feeds into a single timeline "wall", sliding out from the right of the screen.

Examples: Brampton Manor Academy, Ripon Cathedral School

Long 'Panel' Design
Panel Design

Cost: £195

With the trend for longer pages, there's no longer an imperative to cram everything onto a single screen. Break up content into separate panels, separated by full-width photos.

Examples: Chipping Sodbury School, Woodside High School

'Start fresh' with a blank CMS

Cost: £120 exc vat

When we re-design an existing GSO websites, we apply the new look on top of the existing content (like a 'skin'). This means that all existing pages, uploads and addresses remain intact.

However, if preferred, we can setup a completely blank website, starting from fresh. Old data would have to be re-populated. This would cost £120.


Below you can find examples of websites we've re-designed, where the school already had a website with us but after a few years wished to have a new, refreshed look.

  • Old Woodside High School Website Screenshot of the old Woodside High School website
    New Woodside High School Website Screenshot of the new Woodside High School website
  • Old Ripon Cathedral School Website Screenshot of the old Ripon Cathedral School website
    New Ripon Cathedral School Website Screenshot of the new Ripon Cathedral School website
  • Old St Cedd's School Website Screenshot of the old St Cedd's School website
    New St Cedd's School Website Screenshot of the new St Cedd's School website
  • Old Malorees Junior School Website Screenshot of the old Malorees Junior School website
    New Malorees Junior School Website Screenshot of the new Malorees Junior School website