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Comparison of website features

Our bespoke and template school websites are packed with useful features. Certain features are only available to bespoke websites - see below for details.

Features Template Bespoke
Content added for you No Yes
Google Translate No Yes
Scrolling notice ticker No Yes
Setup & customise Twitter feed No Yes
Telephone training Yes Yes
Unlimited support Yes Yes
Unlimited pages Yes Yes
Media library Yes Yes
Embed videos Yes Yes
Sliding photos Yes Yes
Password protection Yes Yes
Documents auto-list Yes Yes
RSS feeds & calendar subscription Yes Yes
Home Alert page Yes Yes
Content added for you

For bespoke sites we will upload the initial 25 pages of text, plus supporting PDFs.

For template sites, we'll give advice and instruction on how to populate.

Google Translate

For bespoke sites we can integrate the Google Translate widget. Great for schools with a high number of ESL families.

Scrolling notice Ticker

For bespoke sites we can add an editable, scrolling noticeboard.

Setup & customise Twitter feed

For bespoke sites we can setup a Twitter feed and customise the appearance of it on the website.

Template sites can embed their own Twitter widget, with the default Twitter styling.

Telephone training

Once the site is ready, we give schools a free 60 minute telephone training session in how to use the CMS. We share screens and talk through the common tasks. We also offer a free annual refresher training session.

Unlimited support

Our CMS has been designed for schools, is exceptionally easy to use and gets great feedback. Our dedicated support team are always on hand by telephone and email should advice or assistance be needed.

Unlimited pages

Whatever your package, there are no limits on the number of pages, documents, photos, menus etc you can upload.

Media library

Easily upload media resources. The image manager allows you to edit, crop, resize and add filters to images.

Embed videos

It's simple to upload a video to a 3rd party sharing service (such as Vimeo, TeacherTube or YouTube) and embed it in the page of your choice. You can even embed your own channel.

Sliding photos

A sliding or scrolling banner of photos is a great way of conveying a range of messages in a dedicated space. They're easy to change within the CMS.

Password protection

The CMS allows users to add password protection to individual pages, or setup a whole area requiring a login, typically used for governor or parent areas.

Documents auto-list

Schools LOVE this feature. Simply upload your documents to a designated folder, and they will automatically appear on their dedicated page. With no need for manual linking, it's a huge time saver for adding newsletters, policies and letters.

RSS feeds & calendar subscription

Allow parents to subscribe to the school's calendar via their own telephone or desktop computer calendar. Any changes you make to the website calendar are automatically updated on the users' calendar.

Home Alert page

If you have an urgent message, or would like to publicise an important event such as an Open Evening, the Home Alert page can be enabled, with the message of your choice. It will appear before the home page.

Premium Features Template Bespoke
Splash page NA £295
Social Media Wall NA £195
Bespoke illustration of local landmarks NA £120
Long 'panelled' design NA £195
Extra wide design NA £195
Background video NA £195
Splash Page

Cost: £295

Splash page

Another popular way to add impact. We can design a special page, often with a large image and a key message, which displays before your visitors dive into your main website.

Examples: Chantry Academy, St Stephen's Primary School

Social Media Wall

Cost: £195

Social media wall

This is a great way to combine your social media feeds into a single timeline "wall", sliding out from the right of the screen.

Examples: Brampton Manor Academy, Ripon Cathedral School

Bespoke illustration of local landmarks

Cost: £120

Summary coming soon…

Long 'Panel' Design

Cost: £195

Panel Design

With the trend for longer pages, there's no longer an imperative to cram everything onto a single screen. Break up content into separate panels, separated by full-width photos.

Examples: Chipping Sodbury School, Woodside High School

Wide Design

Cost: £195

Wide Design

​Make the most of the screen space which modern displays provide. Extra responsive code ensures that it will re-format to fit on lower resolution desktops and tablets.

Examples: Octavia House Schools, Clevedon School

Background Video

Cost: £195

Background video

Add the ultimate wow factor to your website. We can create your website home page with a full-screen background video​ as the first thing visitors will see.

Examples: Hilden Grange Prep School, Farnham Green Primary

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