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Thurston College website

  • Date: September 2018
  • Phase: Secondary
  • Features: Social Media Wall, Virtual Tour
  • Launch the website for Thurston College

The Thurston Community College website features a social media wall, a full photo background, a double map and a noticeboard. The Thurston Community College website and the Thurston Sixth Form website have a matching design as they are both a part of the same school. This can also be replicated with schools that are in a Trust, bringing a sense of uniformity and a cohesive style.

By the way, we have received lots of positive feedback on the website, and have told people that your company designed it. I had visitors from a high school visit a couple of weeks ago, their business manager and IT technician, to ask about our website and Greenschoolsonline. We spend an hour or more discussing how we went about re-designing our website, how I chose Greenschoolsonline, how amazing everyone has been at Greenschoolsonline and I recommended without any reservations and with total confidence. Only mentioning so you are aware that we are wholly satisfied!Rachel King, Jean Wheeler