Greenhouse School Websites

Hurst Primary School website

  • Date: May 2017
  • Phase: Primary or Middle
  • Features: Sliding News, Social Media Wall
  • Launch the website for Hurst Primary School

Hurst Primary School in Bexley, are lucky in a couple of ways when it comes to their school website; They have a great shade of green to work with, and they have a staff member able to write great content. The former, is helped even more by the fact they are next to the River Cray, resulting in water themes in their branding. Elegant, natural green curves make this website very easy on the eye. The latter takes pride of place in the “Thought of the week” noticeboard. Having a panel of this kind, like news, events, diary or similar can be a challenge if there is no dedicated staff member to look after it. A school website can look a little neglected if the last post was over a year ago, or has said the same thing for months on end. Luckily, Hurst take their thought of the week seriously, and their beautiful website is all the better for it. Our unique social wall is accessible on the right, which benefits from frequent act

We are all delighted with the website, receiving positive feedback already! Thank you for the training session yesterday, we all found it really useful and your instructions were clear and easy to follow which is always a relief when it comes to training! The site is so user friendly it is a joy to keep it updated. We already sing the praises of your service to anyone who asks but will certainly carry on doing so. Keep safe and well and best wishes to all at Greenhouse.Shirley