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Farnham Green Primary School website

  • Date: April 2016
  • Phase: Primary or Middle
  • Features: Extra-wide Design, Logo by Greenhouse, Social Media Wall
  • Launch the website for Farnham Green Primary School

When the new headteacher at Farnham Green asked us to design a website he wanted the website design to encompass and project the very best of what the school achieves. As you first view the website you’ll be welcomed with an eye catching, full screen video background showcasing the school and their students. We have included a social media wall on the right which slides out to display their latest social media posts. Exploring further down the design you'll find a very colourful selection of panels with content and quick link buttons guiding the visitor through the website.

Absolutely amazing. Will scrutinise it later for minor tweaks, if needed. But, I love it.Evan Hollows, Headteacher