Greenhouse School Websites

Brambles Primary Academy website

  • Date: January 2020
  • Phase: Primary Academy
  • Features: Social Media Wall
  • Launch the website for Brambles Primary Academy

We love incorporating a school's name into their website design, as seen with Brambles Primary Academy. The full-screen photo gallery background is overlaid with a transparent watermark of brambles; if you look closely, you can see tiny leaves on the brambles. The social media tab, which reveals a twitter wall when clicked, also features the bramble bush illustration.

That is fabulous! Thank you for your work so far! I really like the professional yet relaxed look it really gives the image I was wanting! - it is so easy to navigate - as a brand new parent the links are perfect for information and equally as an existing parent! I love the design water mark at the top of the page that ties in the logo brilliantly! I also like the circle tab links. its been a while since the launch! The feedback I have had has been really positive- so thank you! Sallie, Principal