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School Website Design - the UK's largest online school website design portfolio

We have created a huge portfolio of school website designs over the last 15 years. We're proud of all our work and, consistent with our values of honesty and transparency, we're happy to publish everything (not just a few cherry picked expensive websites), so you can you can be confident you're in good hands. In fact, all of the fantastic school website designs you see were achieved at the same great value fixed prices we offer to all schools and openly publish.

We hope our searchable portfolio of school website design inspires you with ideas for what you could achieve with your own school website. Of course if you have something different in mind, let us know, we'd love to discuss your vision.

Full website portfolio

Primary SchoolsPrimary School Website Design

As you might expect, primary school website designs make up a large part of our design portfolio. They showcase a wide variety of design styles - from village schools with illustrations of local landmarks to more contemporary designs featuring bold colours and full screen photos. Part of the joy of working with schools is discovering their individual personalities.

Our highly experienced design consultants will spend a lot of time at the start of the design process discussing with you the needs of your school and understanding what makes it special. We think the results speak for themselves, so why not take a look at our primary school website designs?

More Primary School website designs

The website for Werneth Primary School in Oldham is a premium design, featuring multiple panels, colourful animated buttons and our social wall. Bright and bold graphics create a site that is visual, accessible and fun to engage with.

Werneth Primary School

Secondary SchoolsSecondary School Website Design

Secondary school website design is an art of it's own, often having to appeal to a wide audience. There may be specialisms or facilities to highlight as well as school performance.

We have a large portfolio of secondary school website designs to inspire you - it may all seem bewildering but our experienced consultants will guide you through the design options step by step. And our talented website designers are always happy to try things and go the extra mile to ensure your website design is 'just so'.

More Secondary School website designs

A website for Lavington School, Wiltshire. A premium design that incorporates exclusive features such as animated statistics, curriculum pop-ups and a social media wall to provide a professional yet informative website for parents, potential parents and students alike.

Lavington School

Multi Academy TrustsMAT Website Design

As well as working on an ever increasing number of Academy website designs, we also design websites for Multi Academy Trusts themselves. There are different design considerations for Trust websites, such as communicating what the trust stands for, the members of the Trust or the benefits of joining the Trust.

Many Trusts also ask us to design a 'family look' and work with them to develop brand guidelines for the whole trust. Our Trust websites also come with tools to allow the Trust to automatically populate policies, reports and news onto their school websites. Again, our experienced design consultants will discuss this with you, providing suggestions and guidance as you require. Whatever the size or aspirations for your Trust, we hope our portfolio provides you with the inspiration and confidence to ask us to help.

More Multi Academy Trust website designs

The website for North Cornwall Learning Trust in Camelford, Cornwall. This website contains striking images and strong branding, which draws from the logo, history and location of the Trust. With a useful panel displaying the names and logos of schools within the Trust, this site makes it easy to find the information you're looking for.

North Cornwall Learning Trust

Independent SchoolsWebsites for independent / private schools

Independent schools often have a strong reputation and history which must be reflected in their website design. They may have amazing grounds or facilities and many may be in a highly competitive admissions environment. Whatever the unique characteristics and personality of your school, we'll work with you closely to understand these and ensure that your website portrays them convincingly and persuasively. As well as ensuring any competitive or marketing opportunities you desire are maximised.

More Independent School website designs

The full-screen background video on the website for this award-winning boarding school is one of our favourites. The school fully embraces video to communicate all of their wonderful facilities. A visual delight!

Cottesmore School

Special SchoolsWebsites for special needs / SEN schools

Special schools are very varied and often smaller than other schools. It's our job to listen carefully to your needs and suggest ideas for your website based on our experience of working with so many other special schools over the years.

Our school websites are already built to be accessible and user-friendly, but we can incorporate extra tools if the school website has an audience with additional learning needs.

More SEN school website designs

Who said websites for SEN schools need to be boring? Whilst paying attention to accessibility features, the website for Perseid School in Merton combines subtle colour changes and visual interest to bring the school to life.

Perseid School

Sixth Form CollegesWebsites for sixth form colleges

Sixth Form College websites often have a modern, dare we say it, trendy look, appealing as they must to students as well as more traditional audiences.Such websites will usually have more visitors from smartphones than desktops and tablets combined.

A dedicated sixth form website allows a sixth form to express a personality which is more distinct to their secondary cousins. On a more practical level, a dedicated sixth form website provides a space for the sixth form to describe it's curriculum in detail, the facilities sixth formers enjoy as well as the extra curricular activities on offer. Not forgetting the all important section for alumni!

More Sixth Form College website designs

The website for La Retraite Sixth Form in Clapham uses cut-out photography and colourful graphics to create a visually compelling design. The graphics are inspired by the sixth form logo and the site has been built to leave the majority of homepage text and images editable by the school, allowing them to keep it up-to-date as students graduate.

La Retraite Sixth