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What schools must publish online - Statutory & OFSTED School Website Requirements 2021 2022

Ofsted school website checklist

Schools have a statutory duty to arrange for specific information to be published online.
Ofsted inspectors will review your website as part of their inspection preparation. Statutory requirements should be part of your Ofsted inspection checklist to ensure school website compliance.

Since the school website regulations appeared in 2012 we have been maintaining a school website compliance checklist which you can download for free.

It includes the very latest requirements from the DfE as well as updates for Ofsted website compliance and the new Ofsted Inspection Framework.

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We've prepared a handy checklist which covers:

  • Statutory school website requirements
  • Ofsted website requirements
  • Useful information which should also be on your website

We keep our checklist up to date with the latest updates so don't forget to check back!