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Home alert page - Adding a news flash

In times of high traffic (e.g. adverse weather) the Home Alert page will ensure all visitors receive urgent updates. It allows you to display a unmissable message and is sometime used to promote in school events.

To enable the Home Alert Page:

  1. In the CMS go to 'Pages' - 'Home alert page' (or click the dashboard quick link)
  2. On the new page that opens you can write your message which will be displayed on top of the home page.
    (Tip - don't delete the 'Enter Main Website' link).
  3. Click to change the status to 'Live' to activate the alert
  4. Click Save


Prepare your message in advance and just click "live" (and save) when you need to publish

If you accidentally delete the link to the full home page, you can create a new link by linking to index.asp:
eg link to: /index.asp

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