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River School Website Design

5 School Website Designs Featuring a River

Incorporating local landmarks, including geographical features such as rivers, into your school website design is one way of making the final product completely unique to the school. Here we take a look at some lovely school website designs featuring rivers.

Nursery School Website Design

Nursery School Website Design

A nursery school website can convey a lot to parents about the Nursery, and so it is important that the design is right for your Nursery’s needs. Do you want to make communicating with...

What makes a great school website?

What makes a great school website?

What makes a great school website? A school website which keeps your parents, students, and local community coming back to find all the information they need? One which is easy to navigate and a pleasure, not a chore, to use?

Coastal-Illustration School Website Design

10 Examples of Coastal School Website Design

With the summer holidays approaching fast, we’ve been thinking a lot about trips to the beach, buckets and spades, and seagulls stealing our chips (as well as website design, obviously)!
One great way to make your school website truly unique is to have a skyline illustration, especially if your school is based in a gorgeous location.

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