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We’ve worked with over 1,500 school websites and have shared some top school website content tips here. With many school websites having 100 pages of content or more, it can be hard to remember all of the different pages that need updating on a regular basis. But we’ve got made some posts detailing what needs to be updated and when. This applies both to statutory content such as policies and pupil premium, and to other content that is not under the purview of Oftsed.

We’ve also got lots of suggestions for novelty content, such as pages for pupils and Christmas-themed ideas.

Finally, we have published a series of tips and tricks articles. These go into depth about how to add content in various forms, from news items, diary dates, videos and autolists.

Who edits your school website?

If our guesses are correct, based on speaking to schools every day, your school website editing either falls on the shoulders of the ICT coordinator/IT team in school, or a member of the school...

What a summer!

What a summer this has been. A summer of amazing sport for a start. Olympics 2020 happened in Tokyo after a long extra wait for the athletes, and then the Paralympics. Their inspirational nature...

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