Going bold with bespoke

Creating beautiful websites for schools is what we do. From private nursery settings to large further education colleges, and everything and everyone in between. We have templates to make sure that everyone can afford a stunning website which reflects their school values and ethos. We ensure the process from the start through to launching your website is quick and painless for all involved. It’s just what we do. 

We have project managers who work with each of our schools and trusts every step along the way to ensure that needs are met and that we make you something personal. This applies whether you use one of our pre-designed templates but make it your own, or whether you go for our full bespoke services.

As an ethics-led company we ensure every school gets the best. But often schools want something really unique – just as they deserve! In order to ensure that schools can pick from a range of features to suit their needs we have a number of special add-ons which can form part of a bespoke or template base, to ensure that your website speaks volumes about your school. 

Social Wall

Social walls have become increasingly popular as more schools embrace the use of social media to connect with their communities, both locally and further afield with world wide access. We can integrate social media streams from multiple sources such as Facebook and Instagram, to give parents and prospective families instant access to a wealth of your most recent posts. This really helps your website to feel like it constantly evolves and stays up-to-date with your school community. 

Curriculum icons

Our curriculum pop-ups help to make your broad and balanced curriculum offering really stand out. The pop-up boxes can give a great overview for each subject area, and then lead to further pages with more detailed information, curriculum overviews and potentially exam timetables when needed. 

Background video

A background video, such as this on the The Belvedere Academy website, can really help to showcase your school with an instant first impression. Background videos launch as soon as someone clicks on your homepage, making sure they are engaged straight away by everything your school has to offer. Our amazing videographer knows exactly how to capture a school at its best – from the buildings and grounds through to showing what life is like for students and staff. 

Animated statistics

Animated statistics can form an important part of sharing key information you are proud of. Using the statistics of the school or trust size and impact, as in the example above showing the numbers of staff and students, helps to contextualise your setting. Or you could use the animated statistics panel to add details of achievements such as exam results – these can be shown in a number of ways including percentage scores. You could include attendance too if you wish. 

Animated house points

Animated house points are another way to showcase life at your school, and is of particular interest to current families who like to see where their house is in the rankings!

Mobile app

Our bespoke mobile apps help schools to give parents a direct link to up-to-date school information. These apps are free for parents and students to download and puts the latest news right into their pockets! Mobile apps allow you to send push notifications when new calendar dates or news items are added, which could also save you lots of money on expensive parent apps or text bundles. 


If you want something particularly unique then our in-house illustrators are experts at creating eye-catching illustrations for your school websites. From reworking your logos, as needed, through to designing something special for each webpage, we are ready to make something that is truly and uniquely just for you. 

What could make your school website stand out? Or perhaps you want to create a trust-wide website plus individual and personalised school websites which all promote your wider community? Get in touch and we will work with you to create something all stakeholders will love. 

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