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School Recruitment

In today’s competitive educational landscape, attracting and retaining high-quality staff is essential for a school’s success. Your school website can be a powerful tool to aid in staff recruitment. This guide is intended for school and trust leaders, and it highlights how your school website, equipped with a special jobs feature, can make the hiring process smoother, more efficient, much cheaper, and accessible to a broader audience. Whether you are in charge of a single school or part of a larger trust, your school website can serve as a valuable recruitment platform.

The power of your school website

Your school website is often the first point of contact for potential job candidates. It serves as a window into your school’s culture, values, and opportunities. Leveraging your website effectively can significantly enhance your school’s ability to attract top talent. Here are some key steps and strategies to make the most of your school website for recruiting new staff:

1. Feature your jobs prominently

Utilise our special jobs feature, which allows you to create a template for your job vacancies. This feature simplifies the process of posting job openings, making it easy and efficient. Ensure that job listings are easy to find on your website, preferably on the homepage or in a dedicated “Careers” or “Join Our Team” section.

2. Craft compelling job listings

When posting job vacancies, provide detailed descriptions of the roles, including responsibilities, qualifications, and benefits. Use clear and concise language to convey your school’s unique selling points, such as its values, educational philosophy, and community atmosphere.

3. Emphasise diversity and inclusion

Highlight your commitment to diversity and inclusion on your website. This sends a strong message that your school values a variety of perspectives and experiences, making it an attractive place to work for candidates from diverse backgrounds.

4. Showcase your school’s unique culture

Use your website to showcase your school’s culture and community. Share testimonials from current staff members and students, and feature success stories that exemplify the impact of your educational institution.

5. Implement rich-text information for Google Jobs

Our jobs feature can feed directly into Google Jobs by encoding your job listings with rich-text information. When Google indexes your site, it will automatically extract relevant job data, making it easier for potential candidates to find your job openings when searching on Google.

6. Streamline the application process

Make applying for jobs a seamless experience. Provide an online application system directly on your website. Ensure that the application process is user-friendly, with clear instructions and easy file uploads. Our form builder feature can help with getting some initial information from interested candidates and set up a school tour, in the first instance, too. 

7. Leverage social media integration

Integrate your school’s social media accounts with your website to expand your recruitment reach. Share job postings, blog articles, and school updates on social platforms to increase visibility.

8. Engage with candidates

Encourage candidates to connect with you through your website. Provide contact information and make sure your recruitment team is responsive to enquiries, further demonstrating your commitment to open communication.

If you are already a Greenhouse school take a look at our jobs feature to see how easy it is to get started. Not a customer yet? Get in touch to find out about everything we can offer.

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