Celebrate school achievements with animated statistics

As exam season is in full swing we thought it would be a good time to draw your attention to the ways in which you can celebrate your future (no doubt) amazing results on your school or college website!

We have some great options with our animated statistics which can be tailored and made with bespoke designs for your school. 

These animated statistics featured below are all static images but you can take a browse of our extensive portfolio to see the animations in action! 

Our first example, below, incorporates a shield design which mirrors the school logo and overall design of this website. These shields show a variety of GCSE and A Level results with a link to “Discover more” which leads to a full breakdown of exam results. With results as impressive as these we are sure that prospective parents and students are impressed and want to visit!

Not everyone wants to use animated statistics for exams results – and at primary schools this is often less relevant. However, the trust in the image below have used their animated statistics to highlight the number of families they work with. This is a really lovely way to show your whole community that they are an integral part of your vision. 

You can also use data from your MIS system to include your whole school attendance record alongside exam results. The school in the image below has also include their Progress 8 and Attainment 8 score to give extra context to their exam results. 

Including the overall pass rate – which is 100% in the example below – is another way of sharing statistics which are useful for prospective parents and students. 

If you do not want to share exam results at all you could also choose to use your animated statistics to share your House Points tally across the school. Less for prospective parents, this one, but we know that current parents and students love to see how their House is doing – and to show it off if they are winning! In this example you can see that the birds which represent each of the Houses are prominent. Your animated statistics can be full of character and images which best represent your school and any clubs or teams. 

Our final example on this blog, below, shows a comparison across school of the attendance and punctuality of each class. For this chart we have hidden it on the homepage until you click to expand this section, which then has a full run down of attendance across school. This can be really useful if you are using rewards to motivate families to ensure they improve attendance. 

How might you use animated statistics for your school? You can see above that there are lots of things you might want to share. Maybe you can think of something we haven’t even seen yet? Whether it is exam results, number of students going on to top universities, sports team results, or money raised by your parents group, we are sure we can find the best way to showcase these achievements. Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your ideas.

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