School Videography – Bring your background to the fore!

Video adds a special dimension to school websites. Not only can you tell more of a story with a video, but we can also see the amazing facilities and location of a school. And much as we love photos of smiling children, there is something very heart warming when we see the videos of school children jumping and running in the playground or being engaged in their learning in the classroom. 

Background videos on a school website home page give us an instant window into the incredible community we are reading about. They also make visitors more likely to stop and spend time on your website – at least to watch the rest of the video. Your website really does stand out and demand the attention it deserves. Take a look at some of our favourite examples below and clickthrough to see for yourself what makes their background videos so memorable. And if we remember them – we are sure that visitors to their school websites will feel the same. 

Take the video which welcomes you to Hanover Primary School, as an example. We are immediately taken on a journey which shows us the stunning location of this aspirational school, followed by some of the daily life and education available at this unique setting. Swooping drone footage captures a very special introduction to a very spectacular environment. It would be hard to get across quite what a life at Hanover is like without video. Text and photos would not do justice to something so individual. We feel like we now want to go straight in and visit in real life!

On the Lavington School website we see the range of opportunities available for students – from sporting prowess in rugby, netball and cricket; to theatre and music and also the Duke of Edinburgh preparations. As well as swooping over their beautiful surroundings and buildings, we are taken into classrooms and to see the work which is clearly part of a wide-ranging, enriching curriculum. With students who seem to be dedicated to their studies in all areas. What more could prospective parents hope for? Although you can read through plenty of information on their website, this background video really gives us a wonderful and in-depth snapshot in a very short time.

The Reculver Church of England Primary School background video has a motto written over the top which says “TOGETHER – Believing, Achieving, Succeeding” and their video backs this up by showing us happy and engaged children taking part in lots of different lessons, interspersed with glimpses of a vibrant and well-resourced school building. From displays to fields, from classrooms to corridors… we feel like we have had a virtual tour in under 30 seconds!

The way the video for Wesley College Dublin has been shot makes us feel like we are actually walking with them through their school and seeing a busy and vibrant college at work. It is very welcoming and creates a feeling of being swept up with them into their daily life. We are sure that many prospective parents and students would want to follow up with a real-life visit but there is so much to be learnt from this video beforehand – from classroom to playground and to the boarding facilities. Everything is covered from sports and drama to baking and socialising. It is impressive to give us such a lasting impression in a short video. The power of multimedia and our school videographers who can make all of this possible. 

Our aim is always to show the best of your school. A background video can give visitors a feel for everything you offer and entice them to visit you to see how they can become part of the lives they see on screen! Get in touch to find out how we can make your website background come to the fore.

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