Best school website designs of 2022

best school websites 2022

We have love for every single one of our school websites and every year we feel privileged to work with such wonderful schools, nurseries, colleges, and academy trusts. This makes it really tricky to pick out some of the best website designs of 2022 but we are going to share some memorable and pleasing examples from our portfolio. Some of these websites highlight key popular design choices for 2022, some are simply unique in their brief and therefore the final design, and others are here simply because they make us smile! Please do not be offended if your website launched with us in 2022 and you are not featured – we do not have any favourite schools as we enjoy working with you all!

Compton All Saints’ Church of England Primary School

2022 school website design

A clean design which is slick and simple in features, all aimed at making a striking impression followed by simple navigation. One of our favourite elements of this website is the beautiful drawing of the school building which you will find in the top right of the homepage. This personal touch adds something very special for a very special school. 

Stanley Green Infant Academy

If you want to brighten up your day, look no further than the Stanley Green website which pops with so much colour, vibrancy and personality that you will get an instant smile on your face! As this website is shared with Stanley Green and Starfish Nursery you will see the star shapes around the website too which makes this a real joy. 

Al Mizan School

Best school design 2022

The Al Mizan School website is based on a traditional design with the school logo incorporated into graphics for a more individual feel. The built-in Instagram feed adds a modern twist which ensures up-to-date content is added consistently. Social media walls and feeds are becoming more popular and this scrolling horizontal feed generates a lot of interest. 

La Retraite Roman Catholic Girls’ School

La Retraite

This site has lots of animation for the text and images which brings the site to life and draws visitors to each new section in exciting ways. The photos which zoom in as you hover over provides a clear link to relevant sections for visitors, but also reinforces their focus on happy and well-rounded students of which they clearly have many!

Boughton Montchelsea Primary School

Boughton Primary School website design 2022

Another scroll free design in our list – the Boughton Montchelsea Primary website is dominated by stunning, full-screen photos which are overlaid with scrolling words which highlight the values and ethos of the school. A pull-across social media wall gives visitors another way to access important school information and images from the school Twitter feed. 

Meadowbrook Primary School

Meadowbrook primary school website design

Meadowbrook also has full-screen photos which capture your attention as soon as you reach their homepage, and then you can scroll down to see an inset introduction video, and further down the built-in Twitter wall which brightens up their website alongside useful links to more information. 

Luton Sixth Form College

Luton Sixth Form website design

Luton Sixth Form College have gone for a really striking design which incorporates bold colours on a black background for the ultimate in contrast and personality shining through. As they use many social media sites their social wall reflects this and has a link tree to the side to help guide students and parents to their preferred site. Central button designs also guide prospective students to the right areas of the website quickly to make the website very user friendly. 

Rathdown Music School

Rathdown Music school website design

Not our traditional school website but one for a music school which focuses heavily on the range of instruments ready for every child to learn to play. A simple site which makes a big impact. 

St Mary’s Grammar School

St Mary's Grammar school website design

The use of the counters in this website show us the wonderful achievements of their students in GCSE and ‘A’ level exams, and the crest shape helps to nod towards their high aspirations. Upcoming events are clearly highlighted with the diary dates circular design, and this is followed by photo tiles to point visitors to other useful areas of the website. There is little wonder that The Sunday Times NI named them Secondary School of the Year!

Ickleford Primary School

Best school website design 2022

The Ickleford Primary School website features many splashes of colour with their bold menu tabs on a scroll free homepage. Nature-inspired elements also shine through with the oak leaves and acorns featured on the main 4 circular link buttons with overlaid graphics. 

Fleetwood High School

High school website design

One of our favourite things about the Fleetwood High School website is how they are making the most of their news items by adding images – this makes it very engaging for the visitor and shows the power of imagery. The angles on this design also add little quirks which speak to the character of this school and the many personalities within. 

Weston Way Nursery School

Best nursery school website

Another fun-filled website which focuses on the outdoors. From the ladybird crawling across the screen, to the log circles as menu tabs, this site has something for every nature lover. Their love of outdoor education shines through in every inch of this website design and we are sure that any prospective parents would have an instant impression from this introduction to the nursery. 

Northfleet Technology College

Northfleet Technology College website design

The NTC website features a striking colour palette – black, white and orange. The future is bright, the future is….well you know the rest! The inclusion of student testimonials and quotes also highlights the importance of their students in becoming the future.

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