Your website – a window into your school

When you are teaching a lesson which is going perfectly, or leading an assembly which is engaging your whole school, or congratulating a child on a huge leap in their learning, it can sometimes feel like you want the whole world to be watching in that specific moment. Everything feels right and you know this is why you got into teaching. This is why you work with young people. You want to fling open the doors and tell everyone to look at the amazing world of education. To shine a spotlight on the hard work of all the staff in your school which is resulting in these wonderful moments in time. Each one will be someone’s memory in the future and each one is shaping lives. 

Other times a lesson may fall flat and needs reteaching. Or an assembly might be marred by a bit of silliness. Or a child is crestfallen as their work is still full of misconceptions. These times happen and we cannot feel down about them for long as every day is a new day and a new chance to have those amazing moments where everything clicks into place. Learning is messy but punctuated by dizzying heights where the light bulbs go on above the heads of young minds. 

The focus should always be on the great moments. We know we cannot all be perfect every day – we are human after all. But we know that when it is right, it is really really right! It is life changing, life confirming and fulfilling. 

What is wonderful about a school website is that you can choose to use your online presence to show the wonderful moments. The reality of the hard work of teachers and students. The wonder in the eyes of pupils when they learn something new, and the delight when they grasp a new concept. 

That doesn’t mean ignoring the reality of the every day, but it is about showing what the absolute best looks like. Showing what is possible in the right environment with the right people in place. Putting your best foot forward shows prospective parents and students that there is the possibility of those wonderful times in your setting. 

There are many ways to use your school website as a window into those lessons and special occasions which make your school uniquely yours. 

High quality photos are a great way to capture moments and convey them in a way which inspires visitors to your website. They can show the facilities you have, from sports halls and playgrounds to your well-equipped science labs and multimedia facilities, as well as nurture spaces and specialist departments. Our websites have such a wide range of photos, which you can see through our portfolio for inspiration, and there are always perfect moments whenever our photographers visit. Our photographer seems to always be in the right place at the right time!

Videos also add another dimension and can range from snippets of lessons and sorts activities through to talking heads videos with senior leaders, and even children taking us on a tour of their school. Watching the videos on our school websites really does feel like stepping through the door or taking a peek into the wonderful classrooms of your teachers. 

Virtual tours and interactive campus maps also help to show what you have available for students and parents. From the maths classroom to the community lounge, the atriums full of art to the DT rooms full of crafted works. From the canteen (maybe with a menu attached so we can all dream of lunch at your school!?) to the quiet areas of the playground where children sit with a book on sunny days. 

Next time there is a perfect moment with your students, have a think about how best you could invite the world to watch through your website – the window into your school. 

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