Your perfect fun new term reading list!

Reading list

As the term starts, we thought you might want some light reading to help you with your commute or those rarer restful moments! “A list of educational blogs?”, you ask. No, we assume you already have a wishlist of those to read…we thought you could do with a fun round-up of heart-warming stories from around the world which you may have missed due to your busy year and summer holiday plans! 

(All links are correct at time of posting so we apologise if any break or change later!)

1. Duck alla Pest Control—These Snail-Eating Ducks Protect 140 Acres of South African Vineyards – The Good News Network

We have heard a lot of worrying stories about climate change recently, and the sun has given us a bit of a warning itself too – so this story is a lovely one for learning about the people already making planet-happy changes!

2. ‘We’re making Britain fairer’: the man filling the City with working-class stars – Positive News

How do people find out who is really best for the job when many situations and interviews seem to be automatically weighted towards privilege? Well this recruitment firm thinks they have the answer!

3. Shielding Carmarthen couple’s choreographed first dance – BBC news

A couple with Down’s syndrome who stayed apart as they shielded through Covid finally got married after waiting since the start of the pandemic. (Video)

4. A Phoenix gas station owner is selling gas at a loss to help his customers – NBC news

If you have noticed your petrol prices rising you no doubt know what a squeeze that is putting on the budget of many families. A Phoenix man is putting people before profits and we hope some petrol companies in the UK take note!

5. Pigs keep airports safe in Amsterdam – BBC world news

Animals helping with human issues seems to be the current theme! A pig patrol has been recruited by one of Europe’s busiest airports to keep geese away from farmland in between the runways. (Video)

Have any more good news stories to share? Please let us know! 

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