Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

We think all of our school websites are beautiful. Every page of every single one. There is something about them all that makes us happy, even though each is unique. 

If you take a glance through our website portfolio of over 2,000 websites we hope you will agree. There are nursery and primary websites, secondary and further education websites, special school websites, and multi-academy trust websites and within those categories you can search by any number of criteria to find websites which will inspire you and make you smile. 


All of our websites for schools, colleges, and teaching schools are made following discussions with schools to find out what they need, and what makes them special. Every school is different. Certain trends come and go over time, such as social media walls becoming more popular lately, but overall what schools want is a little window into their school for any online visitors who might pass by. 

Revoe Academy website design

What never seems to change is the focus in the design process on the look and feel of the site. Photos, and videos, are very popular as a way to show both happy and engaged students and also stunning school grounds and facilities. Our photographer always seems to be in the right place at the right time to capture a thousand words in every image. A range of images helps to show a broad and balanced curriculum alongside all the extra curricular opportunities of our schools. 

cottesmore school website design

We also have many schools wanting illustrations which highlight their school ethos and surroundings. Perhaps you will be drawn to our many animal-themed websites, or the nature-themed ones. Maybe you want a skyline of your school in situ – we have covered everything from villages to towns. And from beaches to peaks. 

Hill Croft School Website Design

What about all the different styles? From business-like to bright and colourful, we know that you want the right style to suit your values and the first impression you want to give out. Whether you opt for a bespoke package or pick from our pre-designed templates, we are sure you can find the website which fits you best. 

One element we make sure of also, no matter what your design choices are, is that your school website looks beautiful on any device – from mobile phones to tablets to laptops and PCs. Fully responsive design makes sure that your all important first impression is the same for everyone. 

If you look through our portfolio you will see how very different our school websites are. Each one tailored to the wants and needs of the school, nursery or college they are made for. Have you got a website you find beautiful? Or would you like us to cast an eye on it for you with our free website audit? Get in touch to find out more. 

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