Starting 2021 off on the right foot

Where do we start to move on from 2020? Well…baby steps. With everything changing at a pace there are some things we can do to ensure our school website, and other jobs, are ready to take on whatever the year has in store for us.

  1. You may want to start with a read through our good news stories from 2020 blog to remind you that it wasn’t a total write-off!

  2. Now you are ready for it, there were a few requirement changes to what you must have on your school website so if this passed you by in the autumn term take a moment to acquaint yourself with what you may need to add which wasn’t there before

  3. Take a look at some of the ways we have been helping schools to use their websites to show prospective parents all about the school without them being able to set foot inside. There are loads of creative ways to do this

  4. If you are wondering what everyone else is doing in the case of remote learning this year we shared a few examples, along with some overall thoughts on the different approaches, in this blog

  5. We also shared some great ideas for creative transition. This may seem a long way off but all of the tools and tips we shared are also useful for generally making the most of your website and making it really easy to update when things change quickly

Whatever 2021 has in store we want you to feel ready. We know that your school websites are being used more than ever by parents, students, prospective parents, and all members of your community. If you are finding that tricky to keep up with then we are here to help. Whether you need us to show you some tips to speed things up, or want a redesign if things are getting hard to find on an old website, do get in touch so that we can help take the load off.

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