Schools are wonderful – and proving it especially now!

Schools are absolutely amazing. School staff are all amazing. We have known this for a very long time which is why we have dedicated ourselves to serving school communities and helping to make their lives that little bit easier. We love what we do and we love working with, and for, schools. But all the really hard work is done by the schools themselves.

On any given day teachers and schools are providing way more than just education. Some families and children need more help than others. And that is never more true than it is now. While the country, indeed most of the world, is in lockdown, schools haven’t stopped. You might not recognise or even see what they are doing though.

They are providing food to families in need, checking on vulnerable children, helping to provide laptops for home learning where they can, and phoning students to check on their wellbeing. Many are also calling to chat with parents who are poorly or showing COVID symptoms to see what they might need. Also they are providing school still for children of key workers and vulnerable children. They are currently also planning to see how they can start to open further for more children whilst still keeping everyone as safe as possible.

And yes…they are also still providing education for those at home too. We have gathered together a few brilliant examples of our schools who are using their website to link parents to learning provided either directly from the school or from the many providers who are helping to make home learning happen in these strange times.

Ravensthorpe Primary School has added some brilliant home learning pages for their students and also this fabulous Internet Safety and Computing page with lots of links and help as they are aware that their students may be online more than usual.

New Pasture Lane Primary School has added a page of links for parents to access the many free resources available, and some additional ideas broken down by age group on this weblinks page.

Oaklands School has added an information letter on their homepage followed by lots of engaging links and learning links for home. 

Calderstones School has added a special page of resources for parents of students with SEND – with everything from anxiety support to handwriting and touch typing resources.

Westbury Infant School and Resource Base have been sharing a great gallery of photos showing the home learning going on amongst their school community.

Little Engineers Nursery has shared the songs they sing in nursery with words so that parents can sing those at home with their children – we are sure that is extra handy right now!

Chadwell Heath Academy has shared lots of remote learning guidance for parents so they can best support students at home – including instructions for using their chosen online platforms.

Have you been sharing home learning via your school website? Send us the links as we would love to share even more with everyone to show how amazing you all are! Stay safe and well done to all teachers for diversifying your working life even more than usual.

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