Latest School Website Design April 2020

Latest School Website Design Launches by Greenhouse School Websites

Whilst the Greenhouse Team have all been working from home this April, we have definitely not been slacking! Below are some of our favourite new school website designs launched in April 2020.

Woodcroft Nursery

Woodcroft Nursery Website Design

The new, compact website design for Woodcroft Nursery School is adorable as well as practical. The Nursery’s motto, A Very Special Place to Play, Discover & Learn, is prominently displayed in the centre of the screen; this motto is also reinforced by the carefully selected full-screen photos displayed in the background. Upcoming diary dates are shown next to links to more detailed information about terms dates and a calendar. Finally, a pullout noticeboard on the right-hand side means that information can easily be conveyed, without cluttering the design of the website.

Adelaide School

Adelaide School Website design

Adelaide School’s logo is featured in the centre of the initial view of the homepage. Hovering over any of the four surrounding images shows a quote and a “learn more” link. Scrolling down reveals an upcoming diary dates section and a selection of recent news posts. The websites colour scheme of green and yellow is inspired by the school’s logo.

Beehive Lane Community Primary School

We’ve packed a lot of little details into the homepage for the new Beehive Lane Community Primary School website. For example, the latest news panel displays within a shield shape. Above this, the school chose to display statistics, which have been animated to count up when the website is first loaded. Near the bottom of the page, above the contact details and map of the local area, is a video showing life at the school.

Wesley College Dublin

Visitors to the Wesley College Dublin website are immediately greeted with a full-screen video showing snippets of life at the boarding school. Social Media links, as well as search and translate functions, are displayed in the top right of the homepage. Clicking on the Quick Links box on the left-hand side of the homepage reveals a selection of important links.

Wesley College Dublin website design

Camden Centre for Learning

The new website for Camden Centre for Learning is professional-looking, and uses their branding colours, as seen in their logo. The curriculum panel shows the subjects offered at the school; clicking each subject icon leads to a pop-up message, introducing the reader to the subject. Furthermore, “Read more” buttons lead to individual pages for each subject, where the curriculum is discussed in more detail.

The map at the bottom of the page shows the location of the two sites of the school. The latest news items and upcoming diary dates are also featured prominently on this website design.

Camden Centre for Learning Website Design

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