Newham School Website Design

Below we take a look at some of our favourite website designs from schools based in Newham, London.

Newham PRUs

Newham PRUs wanted a shared design for their new websites; one for each school, and one for the overall pupil referral unit. This means that the design is broadly the same across each website, but with a colour scheme tailored to each website. Each panel on the homepage design is a different colour from the PRUs logo. The result is a vibrant and welcoming family of school websites.

Newham PRUs website design

Tunmarsh School

When comparing the Tunmarsh School website design with the sister website above, it is easy to see that these schools are connected. However, the differences in the colour scheme between the two websites mean that they are still distinct from each other. Another notable difference between the two sites is the use of a quick links box on the left-hand side of Tunmarsh School’s homepage. A noticeboard is also shown on the homepage, keeping visitors to the website informed at just a glance.

Tunmarsh School Newham London Website Design

Winsor Primary School

The website design for this Newham-based school is vibrant, with rainbow hues taken from the school’s logo. The school have opted to display a lot of information on the homepage of the website, including weekly house points, diary dates, and a scrolling notice message. Contact information is displayed at the bottom of the page. Meanwhile, a quick links box links off to some other important pages.

Winsor PRimary School Website ~Design Newham London

Upton Cross Primary School

Upton Cross Primary School, as well as several other schools from the Learning in Harmony Trust, are based in Newham, London. The schools in the trust all share a family-look website design. Upcoming diary dates are displayed in a dedicated curved panel above a map.

Upton Cross Primary School Website Design Newham London

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