Lewisham School Website Design

With the recent launch of the new All Saints Blackheath website design, we started looking at all of the lovely websites we have launched for schools in Lewisham, London, over the past few years. Below are some of our favourites!

All Saints’ C of E Primary School, Blackheath

We are really proud of the new website for All Saints’ C of E Primary School. We have integrated the school logo’s shield shape into the design, using the shield as buttons leading to pages about each class in the school. The full-screen background image on the homepage is overlaid with changing quotes from parents and OFSTED about the school. We have also added a social media pull-out tab on the right-hand side of the homepage.

All Saints Blackheath Lewisham School Website Design London

St John Baptist (Southend) CE Primary School, Lewisham, London

Simple and concise homepage designs often work really well for schools. The website for St John Baptist CE Primary School is a great example of this. A full-screen photo background is the main feature visually. Additionally, a Welcome message and noticeboard are displayed. The school’s strapline, “Be a shining light” can be found placed subtly underneath the school’s name and logo.

St john Baptist Lewisham, London

John Stainer Community Primary School, Lewisham

Showing off the things that make your school unique is an important consideration when designing your new school website.  For John Stainer Community Primary School in Lewisham featuring both the school dog (Charlie Brown) and their unique mosiac in the website design were top priority. The link to the page about Charlie Brown can be found in the Quick Links box. Meanwhile, an image of the school mosiac (also featuring Charlie Brown) is on the home page next to the Welcome message.

Additionally, John Stainer are incredibly proud of their multi-cultural nature. They have at least 32 languages spoken and 34 cultures represented in the school. To reflect this, a banner at the bottom of the website features the national flags of many of the countries that students are from. Google translate, found in the top right corner of the website, is available, helping to improve website accessibility.

John Stainer Primary School, Lewisham Website Design

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Need some more inspiration?

Take a look through our extensive school website design portfolio for some ideas. Alternatively, take a look at a selection of our favourite websites from across London, or some of our favourite school websites in Tower Hamlets, London.

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