Latest School Website Design February 2020

Latest School Website Design Launches by Greenhouse School Websites

With Valentine’s Day barely past, love is in the air still; here at Greenhouse, we are enamoured with our new websites! Below are some of our favourite new school website designs launched in February 2020.

Kyson Primary School

Kyson Primary School website design Suffolk

This delightful website design features an illustrated background provided by the school, which depicts Kyson Primary School in an autumnal setting. Vibrant buttons in rainbow hues direct visitors to the website to important pages on the website, such as contact us. The menu is similarly vibrant, with each menu dropdown matching the colour of the parent menu button. Either side of the welcome message are links to photo galleries, which update automatically as school staff add new galleries.

Pudsey Lowtown Primary School

Pudsey Lowtown Primary School Website Design

Sitting somewhere between deep space and a unicorn’s dream, the new Pudsey Lowtown Primary School website is, without a doubt, a gorgeous website! However, it also has an informative homepage, which features upcoming diary dates, a noticeboard, and the school’s Twitter account. We have displaying changing quotes on the right of the Welcome message.

Greater Manchester Learning Trust

Greater Manchester Learning Trust website design

Without a doubt, Learning Trusts and Multi-Academy Trusts have different website requirements to Schools or Academies. Therefore, we are careful to incorporate these specifications into new Trust designs. Greater Manchester Learning Trust wanted to show off how they make a difference to the schools, students and staff under their care, and so we created a dedicated panel on the homepage for this purpose. Three large photo boxes lead off to inside pages which go into more detail. The Trust also felt that featuring their twitter account was important, and so it can be found as a full social media wall, located by clicking on the “Latest News” button.

St Stephens Community Primary School

St Stephens Community Primary School website design

St Stephens, a Cornish primary school, have a brand new burgundy and navy blue website. An outline of the ship from the school logo is featured on the edge of each panel, helping to integrate the school’s branding into the website. To emphasise the ships further, we have added subtle animations, so that they bob up and down in the ‘water’.

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Need some more inspiration?

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