5 School Website Designs Featuring a River

Incorporating local landmarks into your school website design is one way of making the final product completely unique to the school. But there’s no need to limit this to buildings of note; local geographical features, such as a river, look great when featured in a school website design. Below we take a look at some school website designs featuring rivers.

Belvidere Primary School

River School Website Design

Belvidere Primary School sits close to the River Severn in Shropshire, and the school wanted this to be a key feature in their website design. The animated river shimmers, giving the impression that it is flowing through the illustrated header. Meanwhile, flocks of sheep sit on the banks of the river; Animals are a popular choice for illustrated designs.

River School Website Design

Iver Heath Junior School

This school website design shows the River Thames in the illustrated header. Additionally, other local landmarks are shown, including Pinewood Studios.

River School Website Design

Millennium Primary School

This school website design shows a map view of the River Thames along the top of the homepage. The river’s path has been incorporated into the gallery design so that it shows three pictures, divided by the curves of the river. Millenium Primary are based in Greenwich, London, minutes away from the O2 Arena.

River School Website Design

Strand on the Green Junior School

Strand on the Green Junior School is another school close to the River Thames. They also opted to show a map view of the section of the Thames close to the school, flowing over the photo gallery. In this case, however, the river is a translucent overlay over a single gallery image. Around the gallery, a map is displayed, with some of the school’s values.

River School Website Design

St Stephens C of E First School

St Stephens is near to the River Arrow, as shown in the illustrated header of their school website design. In addition to the river, the website design also shows St Stephen’s Church, and a pear tree, which was inspired by the school logo. Whilst illustrated websites can be designed to be photo-free, here we have added a small gallery at the top of the homepage.

School Website Design St Stephen's

Take a look through our extensive school website design portfolio for some ideas. Or, take a look at some websites with a coastal theme, or some of the school website designs we launched in January 2020.

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