Latest School Website Design Dec 2019

Latest School Website Design Launches by Greenhouse School Websites

Santa’s little helpers (also known as our designers and developers) were busy this month getting lots of new school website designs launched in time for the Christmas holidays. Below, we have collected a few of our favourite school website designs launched this month, including a design packed with additional features!

Calderstones School

Calderstones School video homepage

When you want to show off the many great features of your school, such as the building, the grounds, facilities and school spirit, a great option is a background video for your school website. Calderstones School offers a “First Class Comprehensive Education”, which they wanted to reflect on their new website. As well as the video background, they opted to fill their new website with additional features, to really give it the wow factor. On the right-hand side of the website is a tab that leads to a social media pull out wall, displaying the school’s Twitter account. The left-hand tab displays three upcoming diary dates.

The homepage also displays recent galleries, a selection of motivational quotes selected by the school, and a welcome message from the headteacher. All of this is displayed using the school’s branding colours of purple and white.

St Andrew’s C of E Primary School Nuthurst

Compact school website

Next, we go to a much more compact and super-clean school website design. In the top right-hand corner of the homepage are search and translate functions, and a link to the school’s Facebook page. At the bottom of the website the school’s address, contact details and a map can be found. Beyond this and the school’s name and strapline, the homepage displays very little information. A full-screen background image, overlaid with a translucent blue filter, saves the homepage design from being too bland. Blue and green circles create a subtle effect, not unlike that of a lens flare.

Amersham School

Amersham School Website Design Homepage

Another example of a super-clean school website design can be seen with the new Amersham School website. They have chosen a hamburger menu to reduce homepage clutter even more, allowing the full-screen photo background full focus. In the bottom corner on the website, a “school video” link can be found, which opens an external video. Schools considering having a video on their website could use this option and can choose between the video opening in a new tab or within the homepage of the website itself. One subtle feature of this school website design that we really like is the use of the school logo, a leaf, on the quick links box.

Tennyson Road Primary School

We love incorporating a school’s logo into their new website design. For Tennyson Road Primary School, who have a bee as their logo, we have worked a beehive hexagon design throughout their website. Grouped hexagons can be found on the edges of pull out tabs, and behind the title of each panel on the homepage. Finally, the hexagons that make up the contact us section at the bottom of the page extend up with a translucent display over the background images. Because the school had lots of great photos from a recent shoot,  they have been displayed throughout the homepage design, with large photos separating each information panel.

A Selection of new Rainbow School Website Design

Rainbow website designs have been incredibly popular this year, but they are by no means limited to primary school websites. Below are three recent launches that show off how diverse a rainbow-coloured design can be.

Grove Learning Trust

Grove Trust Rainbow Website Design

Doesn’t the logo for Grove Learning Trust look really sharp and vibrant! We designed this logo before turning to the website design. Undeniably, this Trust website acts as a wonderful example of the benefits of strong branding. Each panel on the homepage is a different colour from the Trust logo. However, the website is not overpoweringly bright, thanks to the white translucent background at the top of the page. Behind this, photos of schoolchildren can faintly be seen.

Crossley Fields Junior & Infant School

infant and junior School website design

Crossley Fields is a Junior and Infant School, therefore, we felt that we could increase the vibrancy and rainbow effect to the max. This helps to create a fun and child-friendly design. Each panel of the homepage is a different colour, which visually helps to break the website up into digestible sections.

Oaklands School

Oaklands Rainbow School Website Design

Last but not least is the new Oaklands School website. The colours of the school logo formed the colour palette for this school website design. We opted to make the rainbow shades more muted by adding them as a translucent overlay to photos. Each panel on the homepage takes a single colour from the logo.  We have packed the Oaklands School website with features. For instance, the school’s exam results are displayed in five animated statistic wheels. Additionally, the homepage features an “Our Curriculum” section; this section shows 20 subject circles with custom images, with each button linking through to a more detailed subject page. Oaklands School is based in Tower Hamlets in London, a borough that has a lot of colourful school websites!

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