Inspirational Christmas Scenes as Creative Writing Prompts

We thought we would share something a bit different for the end of term. Some of these winter writing prompts could also be used into the new year. We have added some ideas of questions you could ask, or tasks you can set, alongside these photos. You can use these in class, or add them to your school website for homework or simply to inspire some imaginative discussions in your students’ homes this holiday.

The Ice Train

Questions: What is the girl doing by the track? Has she ever been on the train? What is special in this photo? How do we know this image is related to Christmas? What do you think is happening on the train? What is the girl carrying? Does she look well dressed for winter?


The Owls

Task: Write a story for Nursery age children about these two Christmassy owls. 


Snow Trails

Questions: What made the track in the snow? Where is it now? Why is it moving through the snow?


Happy Snowman

Task: Make your own snowman picture and write a short paragraph from the perspective of the snowman. What does he see? What does he think about the children who made him from the snow?


The Present Pile

Questions: What are the presents? If you could give a present to each of your friends what would you choose, who for, and why? What do you think would be best – things people want or things people need? 


The Nativity

Questions: Why is Christmas such an important festival for Christians? What is depicted in this scene? Why do you think the baby is brighter than the rest of the people?


Yummy Traditions

Questions: Do you have any traditional foods and drinks for Christmas? Which foods/drinks mean Christmas to you? Why do you think traditions are important in many families? 


The Sleigh

Questions: Who is in the sky? What date do you think this picture is meant to be taken on? What is the child in the picture thinking/feeling when they see what is in the sky?

Task: Write a Christmas story based on the child in the picture seeing Santa’s sleigh in the sky. What happens next? 

For those of you who can’t get enough of the festive period, we have also put together a list of great Christmas class activities here.

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