Academy Trust Website Design

Undeniably, having a great Trust website is a must for any Multi-Academy Trust. Here we take a look through a selection of our favourite Trust website designs, where the design undoubtedly contributes to the Trust’s branding.

NET Academies Trust

Academy Trust Website Design

The hexagons found in the NET Academies Trust logo can be found throughout this website design. Our developers have made the full-width map at the bottom of the homepage display pins for all of the schools in the Trust.

Haberdashers’ Aske’s Federation

Academy Trust Website Design

When first visiting the home page of this Trust website, the numbers in the information box count up from zero. Different sections of the website sweep onto the screen from the left-hand side when the page loads. On the right side of the website is a twitter pop-out; the button wiggles occasionally to help ensure that it is not overlooked by visitors to the website.

Ignis Academy Trust

Academy Trust Website Design

We animated the logos of each school in the “Our Schools” section of the homepage. Links below each school logo lead to the Newsletters and Diary pages of each school website. The orange colour scheme is bright and fresh, with a white background preventing it from being overpowering.

All Saints Catholic Academy Trust

Academy Trust Website Design

The design for the All Saints Academy Trust website is vibrant and multi-hued, as inspired by the Academy Trust’s logo. Pink, blue, orange and green can be found throughout the website; the text styling uses each of these colours across different heading types and hyperlinks. The Quick Links box on the left of the website is orange, whilst the Noticeboard on the right-hand side of the home page is green. The full-screen photo background has been overlaid with a multi-coloured filter using all of the colours from the logo, tying the look together nicely.

South Suffolk Learning Trust

Academy Trust Website Design

This vibrant Learning Trust website is packed with information. For example, below the full-screen photo background is a Welcome section which details the Values held by the Trust. Additionally, a News and Diary Dates panel provides information about goings-on in each school. Below that, another panel contains links to each of the schools in the Trust. The panel design separates each section with pictures of school life taken at each of the schools in the Trust.

Schoolsworks Academy Trust

Academy Trust Website Design

The Schoolsworks Academy Trust website is a lovely website, which shares a family-look design with the websites for each of the seven schools in the Schoolsworks Trust.

Asymmetric wiggles separate each section of the home page, and buttons are freeform blob shapes, adding a feeling of friendliness and whimsy. This is ideal for an Academy Trust that specialises in Primary Schools.

When first visiting the home page, the animated statistics count up to show the numbers of schools, pupils, staff and families in the Trust. A full-screen photo gallery background shows off a selection of fantastic photos taken at each of the Schools. (Do your current photos show off your school in its best light? If not, you can book a photoshoot with us!)

Stephenson (MK) Trust

Academy Trust Website Design

When it comes to designing a Trust website, simple and streamlined often works best; three of the four large buttons on the homepage lead to the websites of each Academy in the Trust. The colours were chosen by our design team from the Trust’s logo to bring a pop of colour to the website.

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Need some more inspiration?

Take a look through our extensive Academy Trust website design portfolio for some ideas. Or, take a look at some examples of Primary School website design, or a selection of the school website designs we launched in January 2020.

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