A school website portfolio like no other

You may have been coveting the website of a school local to you, or seen a school website you like the look of while browsing through social media or Google. You may be wondering if you can get the same features or look for your own school website. Whatever it is you are looking for, we have you covered.

Our school website portfolio with thousands of websites is brimming with ideas to inspire your school. You may have no idea at all how you’d like your own website to look so our portfolio allows you to sift through schools and designs.

You’ll never have to feel website envy or experience FOYSWMO (Fear Of Your School Website Missing Out). We don’t want you to miss out on anything you could have had! You can filter our school website designs by phase simply by clicking this link for Nursery/Primary or this link for Secondary school examples. 

Once on the bespoke website portfolio you can filter even further to compare with schools like yours by phase or school type as seen below:

school website portfolio search

Click as many tags as you want to include or filter to just one i.e. Nursery schools or Independent schools.

You can also filter by colours if you want to get ideas for designs featuring colours which match your school uniform or MAT colour schemes, or even just your favourite colour! (There are 515 school websites tagged as “blue”)

Another popular way to search our portfolio is through the Features Filter as seen below:

school website portfolio search by feature

As you can see there is a whole wealth of features you can take a closer look at. You may want to just be nosy and see how other people are using a certain feature to give you inspiration – we won’t judge your reasons!

Some of these features are paid extras – such as the Social Media Wall or Curriculum Popups (they are still a bargain though) – but others are simply part and parcel of what we offer schools within their website design – such as a Blog or Tabbed News and Diary. 

You may want to look through Logos we have designed or updated, or photos taken by our photographers, so that you can check the standard of our work (we don’t hide because we are always proud to say it was us!)

When you have chosen your filters, or if you just want to scroll through lots of options you will see a grid showing all of our schools like this:

school website portfolio

The listing includes one screenshot of the homepage from each school website to give you a flavour of the school and its’ website design. If you click the image you’ll view a larger image of the home page – use the left and right arrows on your keyboard to flick through 🙂

Clicking the school name will take you through to the detail page. You can read feedback from the school about Greenhouse, see which features they have included in their school website, and see a map of where the school is. Additionally, if you want the full monty, click through to the actual school website to have a proper look around and get all the ideas you need!

school website portfolio detail

We are proud of every single school website we have worked on and we have been working with schools for a very long time. Do have a browse. We will make sure your school website is as unique as your school is, but it never hurts to get a bit of inspiration to get you started.

Get in touch to find out about our services, our website templates, our bespoke options, and to see what else we can do to help your school.

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