Nursery School Website Design

A nursery school website can convey a lot to parents about the Nursery, and so it is important that the design is right for your Nursery’s needs. Do you want to make communicating with parents a priority? Or show how fun and friendly the nursery is for little ones? Whatever the message, we can help you to deliver it with a great website. Below we take a look at some of our favourite nursery school designs launched in the past few years.

Rachel McMillan Nursery School and Children’s Centre

Nursery School Website Design

This Nursery School website uses the red shade of the school colour as an accent colour in the design. The design is intended to be uncluttered, with a banner of photos on each page of the website. Important links that both current and prospective parents may need are also featured on the homepage, including a welcome from the headteacher, and a link to apply to the school.


Little Engineers

Nursery School Website Design

We love the little details hidden throughout the Little Engineers Nursery School website design. The three gears in the school logo (which we designed) start to spin when hovered over, and more gears in yellow, pink and blue can be found throughout the design. Diary dates can be found on the homepage, with each date in a different colour from the school’s logo. Text links on the homepage, such as News Items, change colour from black to colours from the logo when hovered over.


Young England Kindergarten

Nursery School Website Design

The new design for this nursery school’s website features cute line drawings of some of London’s landmarks and iconic images, such as big ben and double-decker buses. The homepage features a large background gallery, over which the Nursery’s motto, “Where learning is serious fun”, is displayed. The nursery is proud of their Outstanding Ofsted rating, and so have an Ofsted tab on the right side of the homepage displaying this prominently. Diary Dates and Latest News items are also displayed in pop-out tabs.


Tanglewood Nursery School

Nursery School Website Design

Tanglewood Nursery School has a nature-themed website design, with leaves along the top of the page. This complements their logo of three trees. The main colour used in the website design is green, but orange, yellow and blue also feature. The homepage has a full-screen photo background and displays diary dates, recent newsletters and the nursery’s Facebook feed.


Beech Hall Nursery

Nursery School Website Design

Beech Hall Nursery chose to have a full-screen photo background as the centrepiece of their new school website design. The panelled design shows a welcome message, latest news, and a description of the type of activities each classroom might focus on in a usual day.


King’s Heath Playcare

Nursery School Website Design

The illustrated design for Kings Heath Playcare uses rainbow shades and depicts a cityscape along the top of the website. An illustrated design such as this one is a great fit for a nursery or primary school, as it is a creative way of making the website feel friendly, accessible and unique to your school.

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Need some more inspiration?

Take a look through our extensive school website design portfolio for some ideas. Or, take a look at our new website launches of July 2019, or some examples of Coastal school website designs.

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