How to give your school website the WOW factor

School website WOW factor

A new website can feel exciting enough for a school. Adding pages of information about your school, the achievements of your students, galleries of school excursions and much more. Once you have reached the point of launching your new website it all looks fresh and new. Do you need that extra WOW factor too? If you want to stand out and make your website the envy of all other schools locally, a little extra can make all the difference.

Maybe your website has been with us for a while but you want something new without committing to a full redesign yet? An extra tool or design element could be just what you are after as a quick and easy difference with a big impact.

Let’s have a look at some of the additional features we offer, with all prices up front, so that you can decide what might make your website really pop and entice prospective parents to visit your school, and current parents to scroll through and stay up-to-date with all your diary dates and newsletters. What will keep your website visitors coming back for more?

Background video – £195

Add the ultimate wow factor to your website. We can create your website home page with a full-screen background video​ as the first thing visitors will see.

Primary School Website Design

A background video, such as the one on the Bridge Academy homepage, is an excellent way of immediately engaging your website visitors. It catches the eye and has an instant impact and can showcase the best features of your school, particularly effectively when coupled with drone footage of your school and grounds. As a stand-out way to communicate your school personality in seconds, a background video is a really easy way to fling open the virtual doors of your school to every website visitor and give them a warm welcome.

We can use video you provide or ask us for a quote to send out our crew.

Social Media Wall – £195

Display your Twitter & Facebook feeds in a “social wall”, sliding out from the right of the screen. A great use of screen space.

School social media wall

A social media wall, such as the one found on the Claverdon Primary School homepage, gathers your Twitter and/or Facebook feeds into one place which can slide out across your website. This means that your parents and prospective parents keep up-to-date with all of your posts without having to log in to their own social media accounts, or to follow your school accounts if they do not want to for any reason. Social media is a great way to keep your website updated regularly too as the social media wall creates the live feed of your latest notices, photos and achievements.

Curriculum pop-ups – £295

Another great use of space is to use popup windows to articulate the depth and diversity of your curriculum.

Curriculum popups

The curriculum pop-ups, such as those on the Handcross Primary School website, are a really easy way to give a curriculum overview for each subject area. These can then link to further information and curriculum grids for parents, but as the first port of call on your homepage they give prospective parents a flavour of what each subject looks like at your school.

Extra-wide design – £195

Make the most of the screen space which modern displays provide. Extra responsive code ensures that it will reformat to fit on lower resolution desktops and tablets.

An extra-wide design, such as found on Saint Gabriel’s College website, ensures that your website is never the wallflower. It will responsively adapt to fit the full size of the screen space on offer, on any device, so that you will always be putting your best foot forward no matter how a visitor accesses your website. With so many laptops now having a wider screen, the extra-wide design gives a high resolution, high-quality view of your school website, giving a professional and impressive look and feel. If you want to make a big impact it is a worthwhile design element which can give your website the “Oooh” factor!

Animated Statistics – £195

If you have some key statistics you wish to highlight on your website home page, why not add some eye catching animation?

Antrim Grammar School and Ravenstone Primary School both use animated statistics to highlight their most recent exam and test results. You could also use these for house points, attendance and late figures, or even to showcase the number of pupils going on to certain universities or completing dance and music exams. Animated statistics catch the eye of website visitors and can give parents a quick overview of the key figures which are important to your school. You may also wish to use animated statistics for something non-academic such as the amount of energy saved or plastic recycled for your eco-schools work. Whatever the data, we can display it in new ways to impress parents and the community.

Illustrations – Free*

Give your school a unique look and lovely child friendly feel with an illustrated design

Burton Fields website illustrations

The Burton Fields School website really showcases our team’s talent for creating beautiful illustrations based on local landmarks, environment and the school’s buildings or grounds features. Generic features can be included in your website design for free but if you want something bespoke, get in touch to find out package prices to include stunning designs which will be unique to your school website. As a means to stand out from the crowd a completely uncopyable website design is second to none!

We can accommodate generic illustrations e.g hills, buildings, churches etc within the price.

* Or if you have a local landmark or feature you’d like illustrated just for you, let us know and we’ll give you a price.

All of our add-ons have design options we can discuss with you in more detail so if something has caught your eye, then do not hesitate to get in touch and discuss your needs or your vision in more detail. We are confident we can bring it to life!

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