School Website Templates – The Pros and Cons

Time is of the essence in every school. Budgets need to stretch further than ever before. Yet you still need a school website to cover all the statutory requirements. So why not ensure you have a great, easy to manage website and go above and beyond the requirements? You may think you don’t have the time or money for that but in this blog, we will talk through the pros and cons of using school website templates for a money and time-effective solution to ensure every school can have the best website possible.

First the Pros:

  • Low cost

We love working with schools to design the perfect bespoke website which really encapsulates who they are and perfectly serves the needs of their particular audience.

Realistically however we know that, to many schools, cost can be the most important factor when making their decision. You want to have a beautiful website, of course, but that cannot cost thousands of pounds which would be better spent on your library or staffing.

By removing the bespoke design element we are able to pass on huge savings to schools, as well as simplifying and speeding up the whole process. Our website templates cost just £595 for the set up, and just £245pa for Primary schools or £345pa for Secondary schools. The best part is that if you do choose to invest more in your website in the future, you can update to a bespoke design by just paying the difference – so you’ll never pay twice or waste money.

  • Design choices

Although using pre-designed school website templates means less choice of design, it doesn’t mean no choice. We have four designs in our template selection. And you can also choose your colour scheme to apply to any of these designs and we’ll also add your school logo. You can see all four pre-designed templates by following this link and viewing the live demos.


  • Easy & quick to get started

Getting a new website up and running always includes a bit of work on the school’s part (though we try to minimise it as much as possible) as well as the work we complete for you. Having a template makes your life easier as well as allowing us to get your new website up and running within a matter of days.

school website template


  • Easy CMS (Content Management System)

No matter if you are using a school website template, or your own bespoke design, you and your chosen staff will have access to our easy-to-use, fully supported Greenhouse CMS which makes updating the website a breeze.

Whether you need to add more information after your website is launched, or you are wanting to keep on top of newsletters and diary dates, our CMS means you can make updates quickly and easily.

Now the cons:

  • No extras

animated stats

Although the template includes all the basics you need on a website, and easily fulfils your statutory requirements, it does not include any of the extras we can offer such as social media walls, background videos, and animated statistics. You can add these on, however, at a small extra fee whenever you wish. Have a look here to see the prices of those extras.


  • Limited choice of designs

We have 4 great choices for pre-designed templates – called “friendly”, “nature”, “simple” and “professional”. You can tailor the colour scheme of these but there are very few other changes you can make other than adding your content. We hope you will agree that all these designs work well though and are all easy to navigate! You can choose which menu pages you need, of course, but the design is fixed.

template-school-website-themes pre-designed-school-website-themes









We cannot think of any more cons!

We love helping schools with their websites whether they choose a pre-designed template or prefer their own bespoke design. You should not need to compromise on your all-important school website design simply because you cannot afford thousands of pounds to hire a website designer on a contract.


Please get in touch using the form below to see how we can work together to make your school website shine!


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