Latest School Website Design October 2019

Latest School Website Design Launches by Greenhouse School Websites

With Autumn having finally arrived, and the weather turning chillier by the day, we have been working on a number of gorgeous school website designs. Here you can find a selection of our favourite school website designs that we have launched this month, including a design for a Federation, and a Girls’ School website.

Gilbert Inglefield Academy

When redesigning this school website, we wanted to create a sleek and tidy design. The school has a House Point system, which we have featured prominently on the right-hand side of the homepage. The header is transparent, helping to show off the full-screen photo background. The homepage also features a large News and Diary dates section, which the school relies upon to keep parents up to date and informed about upcoming events.

Academy Website Design UK

Crofton Anne Dale Federation

This illustrated website design takes the rainbow colours from the tree logo, and utilises them throughout the website. The Latest News and Diary Dates can be found in a teal tabbed box on the homepage. Each date is shown in a different colour. The illustrated background shows a squirrel, a fox, as well as bees, with a rural backdrop behind them.

Cardinal Griffin Catholic College

This website features a vertical “hamburger menu”, which is hidden until the three lines in the top right corner are clicked. This results in a relatively minimalist design. The main website colours are grey and white. However, the news and diary section of the website matches the tie colour of the school uniform, adding a pop of colour.


Pangbourne Primary School

Hovering over the headteacher’s photo on this website reveals the welcome message. Next to this is a box of the upcoming diary dates. The full-screen photo background is overlaid with a translucent green filter. The changing strapline consists of five different phrases, which are the values the school want to promote in their students. To emphasise these values, our designer chose a beautiful font. The title of each inside page is also displayed in this green handwriting style text. Unusually, Pangbourne Primary School opted to have a “hamburger” style menu on the desktop version of their website, as well as on the mobile version.

Pangbourne Primary School Website Design UK

Bordesley Green Girls’ School & Sixth Form

This website features a social media wall, which displays the school’s Twitter account. Additionally, we have animated the statistics section of the homepage, creatively and dynamically showing statistics that the school want to promote.


Risley Avenue Primary School

We love to make vibrant websites, and the new website for Risley Avenue Primary School is a prime example of this!  The panelled design shows images of students throughout the homepage. The school describe themselves as a “Rainbow School”; we have this reflected in the design, with each area on the homepage and the important button links all being brightly hued.

The website also features a video prospectus on the homepage, as well as a selection of “Risley Silent Films”. Finally, near the bottom of the homepage, the school’s social media accounts are displayed.


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Need some more inspiration?

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