Adorable Animals in School Website Design

We love animals here at Greenhouse School Websites; just ask Ollie, our office dog! (We also have two fish in the office, named Bob and Captain Hammerhead) And we just love including animals in our school websites, sometimes as the main focus of the website, and sometimes as small details of the design that you might not notice at first. Below we take a look at some of our favourite examples of animals in school website design.

Beehive Preparatory School: Bumblebees

Beehive Preparatory School were keen to have bumblebees as a prominent part of their design. In order to really bring this website to life, we animated the bumblebees to move around on the diary dates and quick links sections of the website homepage.

Animals School Website Design

Crofton Anne Dale Federation: A Squirrel and a Fox

Two adorable cartoon animals, a fox and a squirrel, sit either side of the logo on this school website design. The tree seen in the logo has been mirrored on the edges of the design.

Animals School Website Design

Eastrop Infant School and Southfield Junior School: Woodland Animals

Eastrop Infant School wanted to have animals representing their school values feature prominently in their school website design. Below you can see the result; a splash page that lets visitors to the website choose to visit either Eastrop Infant School, or its partner school, Southfield Junior School. At the top of a tree is an Owl, representing Excellence. Meanwhile, under the tree are an alert fox (awareness), a bowing mole (respect), a hedgehog (courage), a badger (determination), and a squirrel (friendship).

Animals School website design

Woodingdean Primary School: A Fox and a Mole

This rural school wanted a nature theme for their website. In the distance, a fox can be seen. Meanwhile, a mole and earthworm are burrowing underground.

Woodingdean Animal website design

Corton C.E Primary School: Aquatic Animals

Sharks, whales, seahorses and birds are just some of the animals that can be seen in this nautical school website design.

Chilmington Green Primary School and Finberry Primary School: Animals from the School Logos

The schools in the Stour Academy Trust all share a family look for their websites, with illustrated headers depicting the school and surrounding countryside. These illustrated website designs have been customised to each school, with each design featuring different animals, amongst other subtle differences. Chilmington Green Primary School’s website includes rabbits, to match their school logo. Meanwhile, the Finberry Primary School website design features a trio of flying ducks, to match their logo.

Animals School Website Design

Cradle Hill Community Primary School: Aquatic Animals

The seascape background for this school website design features a whole host of animals, including seahorses, jellyfish, birds, clownfish, shrimp, starfish, and manta ray and a dolphin. Below the underwater scene is the footer, which is bordered with a wavy edge.

Animals School website design

Cameley Church of England Voluntary Controlled Primary School: Woodland Animals

This school website design features a variety of woodland animals. In addition to the squirrel, owl, hedgehog and birds shown below, the website also features a fox.

Fittleworth CE Village School: Chickens

Animals can be used subtly in a school website design. For instance, the hen and chicks on the Fittleworth CE Village School website can be found right at the bottom of the design, just above the footer of the website. Chickens were added to this website because the school has chickens of their own!

Animals School Website Design

Need some more inspiration?

Take a look through our extensive school website design portfolio for some ideas. Or, take a look at some websites featuring a river in the design, or some of the school website designs we launched in July 2019.

You can read more about the features we can add to your bespoke school website here. Want to get straight into the numbers? Click here to check out our pricing.

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