CMS Basics: Tips & Tricks Part 1: Pages and menus

We’ve designed the Greenhouse CMS to be easy to use and intuitive. But to make it even easier for you to manage your school website, we have made a series of short tutorial videos.

    1. Creating a New Page
    2. Menus
    3. Adding Documents and Links

Creating a New Page

You can easily add a new page to your website in seconds. Just click on “Create new page”, add a page title, and select which menu tab you want the page to appear under. Then, you can type or paste in any content you want into the text area. Finally, don’t forget to click save!


One great thing about the Greenhouse CMS is that the menu tabs are completely editable; adding a new menu tab is easy! After you have logged into the CMS, click “Menus” on the top left, and select “New menu tab”. Next, enter the name of the new menu tab, and select its position in the navigation bar. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure what position it should go in yet, as you can rearrange the menu tabs later. Additionally, at this stage, you can choose to disable the new menu tab. This is useful for hiding big changes to the website while you are still making them.

To edit the order of pages in the menu tabs, click “edit the order of pages in a menu tab” under “Menus”. Once you have expanded the menu tab you want to edit, such as “Class pages”, you can drag and drop the pages into the order you want. Don’t forget to save your changes!

Adding Documents and Links

It is easy to set up a link to a document or another website on the Greenhouse CMS. For a single link, click the “Insert/Edit Link button”, highlighted in red below.

Greenhouse CMS Tips and Tricks

To add in a link to another website, simply paste in the link to the website into the URL box. Or, if you want to add a link to a document, click the Search folder button (highlighted in red below), and find the document you want to link in the File Manager. In general, editing the “Text to display” box is a good idea, as it makes it easy for website visitors to see what the link leads to. The last steps are to click “Ok”, and to save your changes.

Greenhouse CMS Tips and Tricks

We’ve made adding links to documents in bulk incredibly simple, thanks to the autolist feature. Create a folder in the File Manager, and add any documents you want into it. When editing the page where you want an autolist, click the position you want to place the list. Then, click the “List Files From Folder” button, and select the name of the folder. Finally, click Save to keep your changes!

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