CMS Basics: Tips & Tricks Part 3: News & Diary

We’ve designed the Greenhouse CMS to be easy to use and intuitive. But to make it even easier for you to manage your school website, we have made a series of short tutorial videos.

  1. Adding a News Item
  2. Adding Diary Dates
  3. Managing the Home Alert Page

Adding a News Item in the Greenhouse CMS

News items are a versatile feature that can be used in any number of ways. They will all be displayed on the News Listing page, with the most recent entries at the top of the page. To add a news item, click “Add news entry” on the CMS homepage. Add a short title or headline; you can add more detail in the main text box. You can edit the date of the post, and even schedule when it is due to start publishing. It is also possible to add photos to the news entry. Then save when you have finished making edits.

Adding Diary Dates in the Greenhouse CMS

Adding upcoming diary dates to your school website is a great way of keeping parents up-to-date with the goings-on in the school. Once you are on the “Add Multiple Diary Dates” page, choose the date of the event, and add a title. Repeat as necessary for the dates you want to add. You can expand the “Advanced options” button to set an end date, which is ideal for events that will last for several days, such as residential trips or half term. Don’t forget to click Save! Diary dates will appear on the Calendar page, the Diary Dates page, and in any Diary Dates boxes found in the design.

Managing the Home Alert Page in the Greenhouse CMS

The Home Alert page is an incredibly useful feature in the Greenhouse CMS. It can be used to let visitors to the school website know about important notices and alerts, especially in an urgent situation. The Home Alert page is ideal for unplanned school closure due to adverse weather or a burst pipe, for example. We also recommend using it while significant changes are being made to a website’s content. When activated, the Home Alert page will be shown to every visitor who visits the website.

To activate the Home Alert page, first, click on the “Home Alert page” button on the CMS homepage. Edit the message as necessary; visitors to your website will appreciate the message being clear and easy to digest.  Change the Status to “Live”, before clicking Save. Don’t forget to deactivate the Home Alert page once you no longer need it. For general non-urgent notices, we recommend using the popup window, found under the Utilities menu.

Greenhouse CMS


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