Latest School Website Design August 2019

Latest School and Trust Website Design Launches by Greenhouse School Websites

We’ve been working on a number of gorgeous school website designs over the Summer Holidays. Here you can find a selection of our favourite school website designs that we have launched this month, including a design for a Sixth Form website, and an Academy Trust website.

Stephenson (MK) Trust

Trust School Website Design

When it comes to designing a Trust website, simple and streamlined often works best; three of the four large buttons on the homepage lead to the websites of each Academy in the Trust. The colours were chosen by our design team from the Trust’s logo to bring a pop of colour to the website.


Tividale Hall Primary School

Primary School Website Design

We are really proud of this vibrant primary school website design. The colour palette includes purple, pink, green, orange, red, and teal. Wavy lines separate each panelled section, amplifying the primary school feel of the design. On the right-hand side of the home page there is an Ofsted tab, showing off the school’s Ofsted rating. Clicking the Ofsted tab opens the School’s Ofsted report in a new page, making this relatively new feature particularly ideal for schools who want to show off their good or outstanding reputation.


Alexandra College Dublin

School College Website Design

The new website for Alexandra College Dublin features the school colours of red and white to create a bold design. The full-screen photo gallery background fits seamlessly into the website, thanks to the use of high-quality photos of students around the school. The homepage shows upcoming diary dates and recent news, as well as a section discussing the Values held by the School.


Brambles Primary Academy

Primary School Website Design

We love incorporating a school’s name into their website design, as seen with Brambles Primary Academy. The full-screen photo gallery background is overlaid with a transparent watermark of brambles; if you look closely, you can see tiny leaves on the brambles. The social media tab, which reveals a twitter wall when clicked, also features the bramble bush illustration.


West London Free School Sixth Form

Sixth Form School Website Design

We have provided the website for West London Free School for several years now, and we were delighted to provide them with an additional dedicated website for their Sixth Form. This website is packed with features, such as a panel of changing quotes, displaying testimonials from students. Additionally, there is a stylish navigation bar on the right-hand side of the homepage, offering options such as search, translate, and external links to the Sixth Form’s social media accounts. The school’s logo has been featured as the background of some of the panels on the homepage. Meanwhile, the homepage has a full-screen photo gallery background. Another feature of this website is the use of three large buttons, which lead to important and popular pages on the website.


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