10 Examples of Coastal School Website Design

With the summer holidays approaching fast, we’ve been thinking a lot about trips to the beach, buckets and spades, and seagulls stealing our chips (as well as website design, obviously)!
One great way to make your school website truly unique is to have a skyline illustration, especially if your school is based in a gorgeous location. Here’s a selection of 10 coastal school website designs featuring the beach, the ocean, sea life and other nautical themes on the homepage design.

Cradle Hill Community Primary School

Seaside School Website Design

Cradle Hill Primary School is right next to the sea, and they wanted this reflected in their website design. In the distance of their illustrated background, you can see Seven Sisters Cliffs, the white chalk cliffs along the East Sussex coast. The design also features a lighthouse on an island, sailing boats, and a variety of sea life, many of which share names with the classes at the school.


Harbour Primary & Nursery School

Seaside School Website Design

The skyline on this school website design shows an illustration of the coastal area of Newhaven, including the harbour and lighthouse. Sea birds and ships can also be seen in the water. The nautical theme is felt throughout the website due to the use of shells and a ship’s bell.


Cubert School

Coastal School Website design


Based in Newquay, Cornwall, it seemed only right that Cubert School’s website design featured the coastline.  In the distance behind the town, the beach and ocean can be seen, with a surfer enjoying the waves. The leaves along the top of the page give the impression that you are sat under a tree enjoying the view. Additionally, a seagull sits next to “Our Motto”, and a whale can be found next to “Latest news”.


St Mary’s Church of England Primary School Website

Coastal School Website Design

The design for this website is delightful; the little sailing ship in the illustration bobs up and down gently in the water. Meanwhile, a Norman church that is near to the school can be seen in the distance.


Saltdean Primary School

Ocean School Website Design

Saltdean Primary School’s coastal design extends all the way down the page; at the top, you can see the coastline, and the school’s logo sits in the sun. Additionally, a boat can be seen in the sea. As you scroll down the page, the view goes underwater, showing shadows of fish in the watery depths. Meanwhile, the seabed, which is populated by brightly coloured seaweed, crabs and shells, can be found at the bottom of the page. Additionally, little details such as a life ring, a compass, starfish, and a ship wheel can be found throughout the website.


Corton C.E Primary School

Sealife School Website Design

Sharks, whales, seahorses and starfish can be spotted in the underwater scene on this coastal school website design. At the top of the page, website visitors can see land, featuring the school, the village of Corton, and a duck pond in the local woodland.


Cockington Primary School

Coastline School Cockington Torbay


Nestled in a wooded valley near the tourist town of Torquay is the village of Cockington. Cockington Primary School is located just a few hundred meters from the beach! We have captured this in a lovely bespoke skyline illustration for the header of the school’s website. The rest of the website uses several blue tones taken from the school’s logo.


St Jude’s C of E Primary School

st-Judes Ocean Website

St Jude’s C of E Primary School is based in Portsmouth, so a coastal website design was a natural choice. The Portsmouth skyline can be seen in the distance, whilst the Spinnaker Tower can be found on the right of the page. The website features a mixture of ships, including cruise liners, sailing boats and a large galleon.


Hornbeam Primary School

Seaside Hornbeam Primary

Finally, Hornbeam Primary School’s skyline shows the coastline near the town of Deal, including the pier and other local landmarks. The school also wanted a small photo gallery on the website, which is displayed in a leafy, green frame. The grass on the skyline continues down the page in the background, and the footer is earth colour, with the added detail of visible roots.


Need some more inspiration?

Take a look through our extensive school website design portfolio for some ideas. Or, take a look at some illustrated websites with local landmarks, or some of the school website designs we launched in May 2019.

Finally, you can read more about bespoke illustrations and other additional features to add to your school website here. Want to get straight into the numbers? Click here to check out our pricing.

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