Latest School Website Design June 2019

Latest School and Academy Website Design Launches by Greenhouse School Websites

We’ve been working on a number of gorgeous school website designs lately, including a design for a Federation of two schools. Below you can find a selection of our favourite school website designs that we have launched this month.

Federation of Liss Infant and Junior Schools

Federation School Website Design

Liss Infant School and Liss Junior School have recently federated and so wanted a shared website that would represent the schools both separately and as a federation. The full-screen photo background shows two photos side by side, one from each school. We customised the Diary Dates using categories; diary dates for one school are shown in a light red colour, whilst the diary dates for the other school are shown in burgundy. As two schools’ worth of diary dates are being shown, the diary dates section displays up to six diary dates. For context, the most popular number of diary dates to display is three! The latest news section has also been customised to meet the school’s unique requirements; Visitors to the website have a choice of three buttons, “all news”, “Infant Newsletters” and “Junior Newsletters”.


Holy Cross Primary School

Primary School Website Design

Holy Cross Primary School’s uniform colours of red and grey have been incorporated into the website design. A full-screen photo background dominates the concise homepage, with diary dates shown as a pop-out box on the right-hand side; this pop-out box is set to automatically slide out when first visiting the website. The movement helps to catch the visitors eye so that they do not overlook important information. The footer features a photo of children in assembly, and photos also make up the backgrounds of the two pop-out tabs; often these sections of websites feature a plain colour as the background.


Burford C of E Primary School

Primary School Website Design

Having a compact design has been a popular option recently, as seen here with Burford C of E Primary School’s new website! A full-screen photo background is overlaid by two translucent blue strips, which show the menu and the school’s strapline. Four pull-out tabs, in vibrant shades of yellow, blue, red and green, can be found on the homepage. You can see a small facebook button at the top of the page, which links through to the school’s social media. The red footer at the bottom of the page displays the school’s contact information and address, alongside a map.


Holy Rood Catholic Primary School

Primary School Website Design

Having numerous side tabs on the homepage has become an increasingly popular design choice for school websites recently. This is because side tabs are useful for displaying a lot of information in a small space, which can help to keep the design of a school website homepage compact. Holy Rood Catholic Primary School chose to have a diary dates side tab, a noticeboard tab and quick links. Finally, the fourth side tab contains a short description of ASCAT, the Trust that the school is a part of, along with a link to the Academy Trust website.


Whitefield Primary Academy

Primary School Website Design

Whitefield Primary Academy has a “Value of the Month” that they focus on in classes; as this is an important part of the school’s identity, we created a Values tab on the left side of the website. Clicking on the Values tab reveals what the Value of the Month is, as well as a link to read more about the school’s Values Programme. Buttons on the homepage are animated, with the text expanding slightly when hovered over.


The Oval Primary and Nursery School

The Oval School Website Design

This school website uses a lovely selection of blue, yellow and green throughout the design. A transparent blue overlay features leaves at the top and bottom of the full-screen photo background, mirroring the tree in the school’s logo. On the left-hand side of the homepage is a quick links pop-out box. Meanwhile, on the right-hand side, there is a pop-out noticeboard where the school can leave messages for parents.


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