Latest School Website Design May 2019

Latest School and Academy Website Launches by Greenhouse School Websites

A school website is a great place to demonstrate exactly what is special and unique about your school or academy, and so getting the design right for your school’s needs it really important! Here we take a look at some gorgeous school website designs we have launched this month.

Thorntree Primary School

Thorntree Primary School Design

The Thorntree homepage prominently features five buttons leading to important pages across the website. Each of these buttons uses bespoke icons drawn using the school’s colours; for example, the Head’s Letters page is represented by a quill and inkpot, and the Mission statement page is represented by a rocket.

Vision and Values are very important to the school, and so a panel on the homepage is dedicated to this; as visitors to the website scroll down to the Vision and Values panel, the school’s motto of “A place to grow and learn” fades into view in the background. The website uses red and black from the school’s logo. By making the black sections translucent, the look is softened and friendly.

Broadwater Primary School

Primary School website design

This primary school website design features vibrant panels in a variety of colours, including purple, red, yellow, green and turquoise. Purple is the main focus colour, being used in several panels, the menu drop-downs and the pop-out side tabs on the home page.  A curriculum pop-ups section provides information about each of the subjects taught at Broadwater. The homepage also features a panel of recent photo galleries, diary dates, and the school’s vision and values.

Charlton Wood Primary Academy

Charlton Wood Academy website launch

We have a soft spot for the lovely compact design for the Charlton Wood Primary Academy website. Notably, the strapline of “Respect, Understanding, Perseverance, Pride” slowly fades into different pastel colours, a lovely touch on this website. The menu dropdowns and footer are blue to match the background of the academy’s logo. The full-screen photo background has a transparent overlay with leaves displayed along the top, mirroring details from the school’s logo. On the right of the homepage, visitors can find a pop-out displaying the school’s Twitter account. Meanwhile on the left of the homepage is an expanding tab called “Our Events”, which displays the next four dates in the diary, and has a link through to the full school calendar.

Chillingham Road Primary School

Primary School Website Design

The Chillingham Road website has also benefitted from our new colour changing strapline feature; the word “Chilliverse” changes between shades of yellow, orange, purple, blue and red. On the right-hand side of the homepage, the school’s team points system is displaying in hexagons. Hexagons can also be found throughout the website’s design in a variety of colours. The school are very active on social media, and so chose to have feeds of their Twitter and Facebook accounts displayed prominently on the home page.

Ealdham Primary & Nursery School

Primary School Website Design

Ealdham Primary & Nursery School’s new website is centred around delivering important information to parents as efficiently as possible. Important notifications are displayed in a vibrant yellow bar positioned just under the menu bar. An expanding tab on the left-hand side of the website shows upcoming events; meanwhile, a tab on the right-hand side of the homepage shows the school’s Twitter account. Further down the page, a selection of changing quotes about the school are shown. Below this are buttons linking to the school newspaper, the term dates page and finally the staff page.

A map in the footer is a common and incredibly useful feature that many schools opt for; Ealdham opted for something slightly different – a “Get Directions” button that leads to google maps, allowing visitors to the website to quickly get directions to the London-based school from their current location.

Djanogly City Academy

Academy Website Design Secondary

The design for the new Djanogly City Academy website is packed with features and little details. The Ofsted side tab, which expands to reveal a link to the school’s Ofsted report, is both interesting and useful. Other pop-out tabs show the school’s noticeboard and Quicklinks. The school opted for curriculum popups and animated statistics on their home page. The academy’s branding is strong, and so the three colours from the logo, blue, red and white, have been used throughout the website design. The panelled design means that the academy homepage shows a large number of photos of students and the school.

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