School Photography – A Picture Paints a Thousand Words…

School Photography – A Picture Paints a Thousand Words…about your school

They say a picture paints a thousand words and when we look through our school website portfolio we have to agree. There are pictures which make us smile, school photos which amaze us by showing students achieving physical feats in sports events, and those which bring a lump to our throat as they show the relationships between staff and students.

We often make websites using photos taken by staff at a school and they can have an impact. However, we also have our own school photographer who travels all over the UK and has experience and expertise in portraying the very essence of a school. Framing just the right shot and capturing a moment perfectly is a special skill and we are really proud of the service our photographer offers, and the results they produce.

We are running a special offer this month – offering you £100 off our school photography service when ordered with a new website. Below you can see some examples of the images our photographer has captured and we look at some of the kind of shots you may wish us to capture to show your school at its very best.

We also have many schools now asking for our 360º Virtual Tours and interactive floor plans which really highlight the facilities of a school. Click here to see a sample and find out more.

Greenhouse photography

The relationship between staff member and student here shows a nurturing environment which any parent would love to send their child off to each morning. The framing and focus in this photograph really conveys the values of this classroom. A moment in time which could have been missed in the busy school environment but is now a memory caught on film.

school photography

Relationships between students are vital too. Every parent has their own memories of school and would love their own children to have the camaraderie in the classroom which we can see in this image. Getting the timing right is key and our photographer always looks for those moments which capture the most positive aspects of school life.

professional school photography

Outside the classroom shots can give a real sense of how students have opportunities to interact beyond lesson time and also show the facilities and school layout. The angle of this shot is irregular which really works to bring our attention to the students and their warm, expressive faces. Clearly at ease in their school grounds and independent young adults in charge of their own learning.

Aerial school photography

And another unusual angle! Yes we can also provide aerial photography which is great way to show off your buildings, grounds and general setting of the school. It really puts things in perspective.

Greenhouse school website photos

Happy students interacting always make us smile. This photograph really captures a moment to treasure. Again we see the independence of learners, although younger this time, and can imagine the discussions going on – from learning to laughter. Friendships which may continue for a lifetime, caught through the eye of the lens.

Greenhouse school photography

A row of wellies! Not necessarily a photo you would think to take in the middle of a school day, but images such as this give a real window into the ethos and activity of a school. I am sensing some Forest Schools activity and a love of the outdoors – this photo is much more illustrative and conveys more than a line or two of text could about this school.

Greenhouse professional school photography

Happy students focused on their learning and exploring – a photo we all like to see! Close-up shots which capture the expressions and smiles of learners show us a vision, as parents, of a school which is developing young minds and sparking conversations.

You can see more of our photographs via our school website portfolios on our website. And last, but not least, a photo we can all get on board with…our special offer! Contact us now to claim your £100 saving – you can spend it on Forest School wellies or table tennis bats if you wish!




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